Luxa2 LM100 Mini: "Exquisite & Desirable" m-ITX HTPC Case

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The photos below give an idea of the"exquisite and desirable" appeal of the LM100. It could easily be mistaken for something like a high end audio preamp or external DAC costing upwards of $5000.

The front of the case features a small LCD display, and a panel at the bottom which hides audio, USB and FireWire ports.

Visible from the rear are two 50 mm fans (with room for one more). The power jack is located above the expansion slot cover, so even though the case is tall enough to accommodate a full-sized expansion card, it is limited to low profile varieties.

The front and sides of the case are completely sealed off. The only intakes are located at the bottom of the case, however the rubber feet are rather short so ventilation will undoubtedly be an issue.

The top panel is an impressive 8mm thick and is secured with four hex screws. An Allen wrench is provided; these screws are the only ones in the case that require one.

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