Luxa2 LM100 Mini: "Exquisite & Desirable" m-ITX HTPC Case

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With hardly any visible vents on the outside, the interior layout would have to be unusual. And naturally, it is. The single biggest issues is the way the PSU is buried in the center of the case. This does not bode well for low noise.

The interior layout is very unusual. The LM100's 200W Flex ATX power supply is located beneath the slim optical drive tray toward the front, completely encapsulated within the case. There is room for only one side-mounted 3.5" hard disk.

A view of the back. The fan grills are punched outward so the fans generate less noise. The fans use 4-pin molex connectors for power.

Removing the optical drive tray gives us a good view of the power supply. There is an intake vent for it on the bottom of the case, but the unit itself is mostly ventilated at the ends (the left and right sides as pictured above).

With the power supply removed, the front panel circuitry is revealed. The optical drive bay does not have a stealthed cover.

The power supply provides two SATA, one 4-pin molex, and one floppy power connector.

According to the UL number, the PSU is built by Enhance, a well known manufacturer.

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