Nexus RX-8500 850W Power Supply

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The components are laid out on a PCB that fills the available space.

Conventional layout, quite small heatsinks for the rated power.

The geometry of the 11-blade 135x25mm 0.25A fan looks good; the trailing edges of the blades are not parallel to the struts, which usually helps to minimize tonal noise. (See Fan Blade Geometry on page 3 of the
Anatomy of the Silent Fan for more details.) This is the same brand of fan used in the Nexus Value 430W PSU. As with the earlier PSU, the original manfacturer of this product is not known.

The primary capacitor is a 450V 560uF Teapo rated at 85°C.

There appears to be two 12VDC transformers. A guess is that the small transformer gives 5VDC, from which the 3.3VDC line is derived via DC/DC conversion.

Secondary capacitors are buried under the mess of output cable connections. These capacitors are not mentioned in the marketing blurb, so they're probably fairly ordinary. It's unusual to see all those trim pots on the small PCB on the left; they are probably for tweaking voltages for the various lines.

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