Gateway EC1803h: Netbook or Ultra-portable?

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With an average thickness of only one inch, a glossy black finish, and a battery flush to the rest of the chassis, the EC1803h pulls off a sleek, classy look.

The finish on the outside is very susceptible to fingerprints— if you look carefully at the picture above you can spot some smudges even though we wiped the unit down thoroughly beforehand. We would have preferred a matte surface.

The EC1803h tapers slightly toward the front and the top of the LCD does not sit flat against the keyboard. It measures 1.1" high at the tallest point near the rear, and 0.9" at the front, just before the lip tapers down. The right side houses VGA and HDMI ports, the AC adapter jack, a single USB port, and the main fan exhaust.

On the right side resides the card reader slot, line-out and mic jacks, and two more USB ports. Kensington lock and RJ45 ports are located near the back.

The speakers are located on the bottom on the underside of the lip.

The EC1803h offers easy access to both the hard drive and memory slots, as well as the mini PCI-E slot which is populated by an Intel wireless adapter.

The battery's capacity is 4400mAH, which is a standard amount for a 6-cell notebook battery. However since the processor has a TDP rating of only 5.5W, battery life should be much better — closer to that of an Atom-based netbook.

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