Gateway EC1803h: Netbook or Ultra-portable?

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To give you a better indication of the EC1803h's size, we assembled a stack of notebooks including a 10" netbook, a 13.3" ultra-portable, and a traditional 14" laptop.

From top to bottom: 1005HA, EC1803h, Thinkpad X300, Thinkpad T42 (4:3). The EC1803h is about 1" wider on both sides compared to the 1005HA.

The EC1803h is the thinnest of the bunch, even slimmer than the Thinkpad X300, an older, but still fairly expensive ultra-portable.

1005HA keyboard.

EC1803h keyboard, same scaling. The bulk of the keys are full-sized, so users with fingers too fat or clumsy for 10" netbooks should be fairly comfortable.

13.3" Thinkpad X300, same scaling. The legendary ThinkPad keys actually have a smaller top sruface due to the sloped edges, but overall usability is higher because of the tactile feedback on finger position.

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