Lenovo's All-in-one: IdeaCentre A600

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The system came in a large retail carton already a bit worse for wear and tear. It's probably a sample that's made a round or two.

The retail carton showed some wear and tear.

The components were securely packed inside.

Contents included the A600, wireless keyboard and mouse, remote control, external power adapter, product documentation and installation discs.

Here it is, set up on a table. As mentioned previously, the high gloss finish made photography difficult. Hence the return to Lenovo's promotional image...

...which highlights the seamless facia of the monitor and its bezel, and shows the side profile again.

It's clear that the bulk of the PC in the A600 must be contained in the thicker lower portion of the chassis, below the LCD monitor section. This is in contrast to the design of the iMacs we've reviewed, which integrate more of the PC directly behind the screen. The difference results in a somewhat more imposing look to the Lenovo, compared to the iMac. But the overall footprint of either on a desktop is the same, and if the Lenovo strikes one as odd initially, the impression quicly fades.

The 2006 iMac 24" had a simpler more straightforward look.

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