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The Lenovo A600's "front panel" can be said to be on the bottom left side. It's where the power button and some of the in/out ports are located. The lower center of the back panel sports the rest of the ports.

On the left side are the power button, multicard reader, FireWire 400 port, two USB ports and mic/headphone ports. Also visible in this photo are the four USB ports, ethernet (RJ-45) port, and TV antenna connector on the back panel. The small square grill next to the coax TV antenna connector is the cover for a "woofer". The geometric pattern on the left edge is a vent; this design is used throughout the A600.

The right side edge sports a slot-loading Blu-ray / DVD-RW combo drive. Note again the geometric vent.

The bottom portion of the front looks like a grill but it is most decorative; there are two real vents near the ends that allow sound to emerge from speakers.

The lower vents on the back panel appear to be air exhausts, and all the others, including the orange strip on top, appear to be intakes. Clearly, there is at least one fan in the system; it can be heard along with the noise of the hard drive. The back cover is probably removable but we chose not to try to ensure it would get back to Lenovo in one piece.

The power adapter accepts 100~240VAC, 2A max current; its output is 19.5V at up to 7.7A. Hence the 150W power rating.

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