Smallish LGA775 Heatsink Roundup - Part 2

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Silverstone NT07-775 - $20USD

The Silverstone NT07-775 is the smallest heatsink we've ever tested. It designed for ultra thin cases like the Silverstone LC19 and ML02.

The NT07-775 stands only 36 mm high and weighs 300 grams.

The heatsink shares the same radial fin orientation as the Intel stock cooler, but it is 9 mm shorter. The fan has thinner, more numerous blades. Unfortunately the support struts are almost parallel to the trailing edges of the fan blades, increasing the potential for tonal turbulence noise.

Like the heatsinks that ship with Intel's quad core CPUs, the NT07-775 has a copper core.

Installed on our test platform.

Test Results
Fan Voltage
Fan Speed
Thermal Rise
1880 RPM
24 dBA
1660 RPM
20 dBA
1490 RPM
17 dBA
1320 RPM
15 dBA
Thermal Rise: Temperature rise above ambient at load.
°C/W: based on the amount of heat dissipated by the CPU (measured 78W); lower is better.
*Testing stopped after thermal rise exceeded 55°C.

The NT07-775 was fairly quiet overall compared to most CPU coolers, though you would expect the fan to spin faster to compensate for its small size. At 12V, it had an annoying whine with plenty of buzzing generated by the motor. The noise level was tolerable at 10V and below, but it did develop a bit of a drone. At 8V it was very quiet, barely audible in most environments, but the cooling performance would not be good enough if your system is pushed hard regularly, except perhaps with the coolest CPUs.

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