Smallish LGA775 Heatsink Roundup - Part 2

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Silverstone NT06-E - $55USD

The NT06-E is the premier compact cooler from Silverstone carrying a $55 price-tag. It does not ship with a fan, but according to Silverstone, if there is a 120 mm power supply fan directly above it (as is the case with their Sugo SG05/06), it can be run passively depending on the processor and fan speed.

The NT06-E has a five heatpipe design and a bolt-thru/backplate mounting mechanism.

The NT06-E is a "C" shaped cooler like the Shuriken, but it's a fair bit taller and doesn't rely on pushpins for mounting. It weighs in at 430 grams and sits 82 mm high. Unfortunately the addition of a standard 120 mm case fan pushes it to 107 mm and 550 grams, which simply won't work in most compact cases.

The fins are very thin at 0.34 mm, and they are tightly packed with an average separation of 1.4 mm. It takes a standard 120 mm fan.

The NT06-E is easy to install on the LGA775 socket. A backplate with screws goes on the back and thumbscrews finish the job topside.

As the NT06-E does not ship with a fan, we tested it with our reference Nexus 120 mm fan. It is secured using 4 long black screws.

Test Results
Fan Voltage
Fan Speed
Thermal Rise
1100 RPM
16 dBA
890 RPM
13 dBA
720 RPM
12 dBA
530 RPM
11 dBA
Thermal Rise: Temperature rise above ambient at load.
°C/W: based on the amount of heat dissipated by the CPU (measured 78W); lower is better.

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