Smallish LGA775 Heatsink Roundup - Part 2

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Nexus LOW-7000 - $55USD

The Nexus LOW-7000 looks like a smaller, less refined cousin of the NT06-E. Its physical dimensions puts it closer to the Big Shuriken.

The LOW-7000 has four heatpipes and a Nexus branded fan.

The sample we received was bent like an old man with a bad hip, but luckily it was easy enough to bend back to its proper upright position. The LOW-7000 is 70 mm tall and weighs 480 grams.

The included fan is similar to the Yate Loon D12 series with almost straight trailing edges and sharp axe-like leading edges.

There is a small secondary heatsink attached above the base plate, a feature common on Scythe heatsinks. The main body is comprised of 0.33 mm thick fins spaced 2.0 mm apart.

Like the NT06-E, the LOW-7000 also has a hard-mounting system, but in this case the screws go in through the back side of the motherboard.

Installed on out test platform.

Test Results
Fan Voltage
Fan Speed
Thermal Rise
1900 RPM
31 dBA
1500 RPM
24 dBA
1200 RPM
18 dBA
840 RPM
12 dBA
Thermal Rise: Temperature rise above ambient at load.
°C/W: based on the amount of heat dissipated by the CPU (measured 78W); lower is better.

At 12V, the fan was very turbulent with a mild droning type character and far too loud overall at 31 dBA. At 9V it generated 24 dBA, and was much more tolerable with a smooth but buzzy profile. At 7V it was fairly faint with some clicking generated by the bearings. The same can be said at 5V, though it was inaudible at this level from one meter's distance.

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