Scythe Musashi Dual Fan GPU Cooler [Postcript Added]

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Some cards like the HD 4870 and HD 4890 require direct airflow over the voltage regulators and a single fan doesn't cover enough area to cool both the VRMs and the GPU core effectively. A two fan solution seems to be optimal for the graphics cards of today.

The Musashi is equipped with two slim Scythe Slip Stream 100 mm fans.

In classic Scythe fashion, the fins are thin (0.30 mm) and are set a good distance (2.0 mm) apart from one another. Air passes freely through the heatsink and over the components on the circuit board.

While most GPU coolers have heatpipes perpendicular to the board, the Musashi's run parallel along the entire length of its lanky body. It is long enough to cover the entire PCB of most graphics cards.

The fans are attached with very tight-fitting wire clips.

The fan controller.

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