5900rpm Seagate Hard Drives: Barracuda LP, Pipeline HD .2

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2TB Barracuda LP

At idle, the 2TB Barracuda LP produced very little noise, and its character was very smooth, with only a soft 'whoosh' escaping from its casing. The sharp ticks that typically accompany seek activity were also well-subdued.

Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB at idle.

During seek.

Our analysis shows a low frequency peak at just under 100Hz in idle, which is as it should be (5900rpm = 98.3 Hz). The slightly higher peak during seek is the result of some extraneous low frequency artifact from outside the chamber, as our anechoic chamber is not very sound proof below ~150 Hz.

1TB Pipeline HD .2

The 1TB Pipeline HD .2, being a 2-platter model idled at only 12 [email protected], matching the 500GB Samsung EcoGreen. The noise character was mostly smooth with a bit of metallic twinge which was only noticeable close up. During seek, the drive measured 16 dBA — seeking was soft with only slight audible chatter.

Seagate 1TB Pipeline HD .2 at idle.

During seek.

500GB Pipeline HD .2

The 1-platter 500GB Pipeline HD .2 was the best of the bunch, delivering some of the best acoustic results ever. It measured 13 [email protected] when idle (only 2 dBA above our noise floor) and just about half a dB higher when seeking. The overall noise character was similar to the other two drives.

Seagate 500GB Pipeline HD .2 at idle. Ambient noise in red.

During seek.

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