m-ITX Cases: SEED MA-280B and Cooler Master Elite 100

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SEED MA-280 - Physical Details

Without any visual references for comparison, the MA-280 could be mistaken for a much larger case. An old style VCR comes to mind.

The main intake air vent is directly above the CPU area. There are only a few small air slits on the left side.

The optical drive bay cover is of the pull-down variety — it is not properly stealthed.

The cutout at the back for the I/O shield is nonstandard — the stock back plate is designed to fit Intel's Atom boards only. There is a 40mm fan on the right side for cooling the DC-to-DC power board.

Under the cover. The product literature mentions an adapter to mount a second hard drive above the CPU area, but it was missing from our package. The power supply provides one floppy, one slimline SATA, and two full-sized SATA connectors.

Interior layout.

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