m-ITX Cases: SEED MA-280B and Cooler Master Elite 100

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SEED MA-280 - Power Supply & System Assembly

Because it's so small, there aren't many options, and "assembly" is a relatively simple process.

The only fan in the case is a small 40mm unit directly behind the power adapter. Its size and location prevents it from having any effect on the rest of the system — it seems to be designed to cool the power supply alone.

The included AC power brick is rated for 60W.

The drive tray attaches to the case with three screws. Drives mount on the underside and hang underneath.

While the case seems designed for Intel's Atom-driven boards, we opted to use an ION board, the Zotac IONITX-A to give it more of a challenge.The board has its own power supply as well as an optional fan for the CPU/chipset heatsink, but unfortunately the hard drive pushes against it, preventing it from spinning. We'll see if this setup can run passively.

As we mentioned before the MA-280B has a nonstandard backplate cutout as pictured above.

This was a curious move as it discourages use of non-Atom boards, even though it can physically accept any mini-ITX motherboard.

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