m-ITX Cases: SEED MA-280B and Cooler Master Elite 100

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Cooler Master Elite 100 - Physical Details

No matter what angle you approach it from, the Elite 100 simply can't be described as handsome. It looks and feels pedestrian.

There is a series of slits at the center of each side, while a much larger honeycomb style grill is located at the top.

At the rear we can see the back of the FlexATX power supply. While the case accepts microATX boards, all of the expansion slots are blocked, making cost the only advantage of going that route.

The power supply adds a great deal of depth to the case and is equipped with a small, and probably noisy fan.

Interior layout. The case is tall enough to just barely accommodate an Intel low profile stock cooler (46 mm) on a desktop Intel processor and motherboard with 1-2 mm to spare.

Underneath the front bezel. The panel needs to be removed to access the drive tray.

The tray allows for a single slim optical drive and both 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives in varying combinations.

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