X-650: Seasonic hits Gold

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Opening up the big retail box reveals a level of luxurious packaging not encountered with any Seasonic brand products in the past. The PSU is not only cradled in closed cell foam, it's in a soft velvet draw-string bag. All the modular cables are in a dual-compartment puch as well.

Luxurious packaging...

...for all the parts.

All 13 sleeved output cables are modular.

These are the reviewer's extras.

The power supply's casing is a departure from the normal dual C-shaped clamshell. The metal feels thicker and is fitted together very precisely — though Seasonics have always been excellent in this regard. The black and gold color scheme continues in the paint job and labels.

Still a 120x25mm fan with hexagonal hole vent for intake...

...as well as exhaust.

There's no question of which output cable fits into which socket.

Surprisingly, no heatsinks are visible through the fan intake grill. A little tag warns, "Temperature Activated Fan Rotates Only When Required" — probably an attempt to stave off returns by consumers who think the fan is broken when they discover it doesn't spin upon power-on.


1 - ATX connector (580mm) 20+4 pin
2 - CPU connector (580mm) 4x2 (8-pin)
1 - CPU connector (580mm) 2x2 (4-pin)
4 - PCIe (580mm) 6/8-pin
2 - three SATA connectors (750mm)
1 - two SATA connectors (480mm)
1 - three 4-pin peripheral connectors (750mm)
1 - two 4-pin peripheral connectors (480mm)
1 - two floppy drive connectors on Y adapter (150mm)

Drive connectors come on different lengths of cables, a nice touch for those seeking the tidiest cabling in their PCs.

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