ZEROtherm Nirvana CPU Cooler

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The heatsink features 4 "U" shaped heatpipes in a straight, non-staggered array and 44 fins cooled by a 111 mm diameter fan.

The fan is screwed to a metal frame with stands that hook onto the base. This type of mounting tends to vibrate and makes the fan difficult to replace. The ZEROtherm Zen had a regular fan with a box frame frame hooked on with wire clips and the fan on the Butterfly series was attached to a plastic spine that was very secure when mounted — both seem superior to this design.

The curvature of the fan blades is fairly shallow; combined with the absence of a frame, low static pressure is likely. The sizable separation between the fan blades and the fins makes things worse.

The fan is mounted to a metallic stand with tension clips unto the mounting plate. The clips are similar to those employed by Scythe to install mounting brackets on some of their heatsinks. They requires a lot of force to disengage.

The fins on the outside edges are approximately 0.43 mm thick on average, and are spaced a fairly tight 1.82 mm apart.

Viewed from the back. Like the Zen, the Nirvana's fins are shaped to create "honeycomb" pattern at the center. This increases the amount of surface area subject to direct airflow but it also increases impedance at the center.

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