Winmate DD-24AX DC-DC Module for Silent, Efficient Power

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Eletrodocus took some good, high detail photos, so many of them are used here. The overall impression is of a good quality 4 layer board, nicely assembled with good quality parts.

The PCB is laid out nicely, with 105¬įC rated capacitors throughout. Most are Elcon brand; the three small ones on the left are S.Y.

The trace side shows good, clean soldering.

This view shows the different sections of the board by function.

The output connectors are grouped in a row, starting on the right with 20-pin ATX, a standard 4-pin Molex, and a 2x2 Aux12V. The 2x2 connector on the left is an input connector, an alternate to the round 4-pin input shown below; its wiring configuration is the same as any standard 2x12V Aux12V output.

It appears that the top two pins are positive, and the bottom two pins are negative. Each pair is wired in parallel.

The 20-pin ATX output cable also provides a SATA power connector, legacy 4-pin Molex, and a 2x2 AUX12V connector. Using separate cables off the other output connectors might mean less voltage drop, but with only 130W in total, the current in the cables would be very modest, so the advantage is probably not significant. The ATX cable is only 6" long, but since the board is so small, it should not be difficult to position close to the motherboard in most cases.

Wiring block diagram shows that the 5V standby line is live even when the computer is turned off — as it should be.

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