Lenovo IdeaCentre Q100: World's Thinnest, Smallest Nettop

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Have we mentioned the Q100 is impressively small and thin? It has a glossy black paint job and rounded corners.

The already compact Morex T1610 mini-ITX case looks quite cumbersome compared to the Q100.

The Q100 lacks digital video/audio connectivity and WiFi but it does have gigabit ethernet and plenty of USB ports — 4 at the back an additional 2 at the front. A series of slits on both sides of the enclosure provide ventilation.

The front port cover has rubber hinges which makes it difficult to flip open.

To reduce its footprint further, a sturdy stand is included which mounts using a single thumbscrew.

The unit's surface is glossy/reflective like most netbooks, and it has a strikingly large and bright status LED. This is particularly annoying when it flashes in Standby mode.

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