Scythe Quiet Drive 2.5

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The Quiet Drive has the same dimensions as a standard 3.5" desktop hard drive so that it can be installed in a 3.5" internal drive bay. This is not only convenient but highly functional from a cooling point of view, as 3.5" HDD bays in most computer cases are well placed in the path of cooling airflow. Whenever a heat-generating device is enclosed, cooling is an issue that usually crops up, so this is a very good thing.

Scythe's larger model for 3.5" desktop drives is the same size as an optical drive. This is actually not as practical, because 3.5" drives run much hotter than notebook drives, and unlike HDD bays, optical drive bays in most PC cases are poorly placed for airflow. This means a desktop drive in the larger Quiet Drive mounted in a typical PC case will tend to heat up a lot more than a notebook drive in a Quiet Drive 2.5 in the same PC.

The enclosure ships with both a combined SATA extension cable and an adapter for laptop IDE connectors.

The rubbery thermal/acoustic pads are about 4 mm thick while the black foam on the inside of the black outer shell is about 9 mm wide.

The drive is first clamped in the inner enclosure which is composed of two overlapping aluminum covers.

The smaller enclosure is sandwiched between the two thermal pads before being enveloped by the outer black enclosure, also made of aluminum. The power and data cable poke through the padding, which clamps around the cables to ensure minimal sound leakage.

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