Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case

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These recordings were made with a high resolution, lab quality, digital recording system inside SPCR's own 11 dBA ambient anechoic chamber, then converted to LAME 128kbps encoded MP3s. We've listened long and hard to ensure there is no audible degradation from the original WAV files to these MP3s. They represent a quick snapshot of what we heard during the review.

Each recording starts with ambient noise, then 10 second segments of product at various states. For the most realistic results, set the volume so that the starting ambient level is just barely audible, then don't change the volume setting again while comparing all the sound files.


The Twelve Hundred takes all the qualities of the Nine Hundred Two to a whole new level. The extra height brings several advantages: more room to breathe for all the components, the option for two extra fans, an extra drive cage, more holes for routing cables behind the motherboard tray, and ability to pair it with the Antec CP-850, one of the quietest and coolest high-end desktop power supplies around. This combination really shines in multiple GPU setups like stock HD 4870's in CrossFireX, posting thermal gains over the Antec P193 and Nine Hundred Two, while operating at a much lower noise level. For a gaming or any other kind of high power system that requires a healthy amount of cooling, the Twelve Hundred is a very nice choice.

Among all the big cases we've tested, only the similarly priced Silverstone Raven stands up as a worthy contender for a quiet, high-end gaming system, and its overall noise signature might be better subjectively, due to its smooth benign quality.

Fortunately, creating a quiet, heavy-duty gaming PC does not necessarily require a case of the 1200's size. With quality third party CPU and GPU coolers, you could make up for the thermal shortcomings of a smaller case.

This requires more careful planning, and precise component choices. Finding a quiet power supply that won't ramp up quickly when the system is pressed to full load would still be a challenge. The 530~540W AC power draw at full load on our translates to about 450W DC PSU power output; the fan on most PSUs would be spinning up audibly at such a load. The Antec CP-850 PSU is an easy choice, but of course you need a P183, P193, or the Twelve Hundred to take advantage of it.

In the end, to build a relatively quiet high end gaming system without worrying much about your components' thermal characteristics, the Twelve Hundred with the CP-850 PSU is an obviously good choice.

Antec Twelve Hundred

* Excellent cooling
* Solid construction/design
* Versatile drive placement
* Good cable management
* 6 fans with controllers included
* Support for Antec CP-850 PSU

* Undamped hard drive mounting
* No bottom power supply vent
* Huge

Our thanks to Antec Inc. for the Twelve Hundred sample.

The Antec Twelve Hundred is Recommended by SPCR

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