Enermax Eco80+ 500W PSU

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Many of the cable sets are "forked".

Cables on the Eco80+ were a little unusual in that several of the cable sets are split so that multiple cable sets end up sharing a single fat cable as they come out of the power supply. The splitting is facilitated by vinyl sleeving, which holds the cable sets together in a single manageable bundle. It's an interesting approach to cable management, and we are curious to see how effective it is in actual use.

All cables are sleeved up to the first connector except where otherwise noted.

  • Main ATX connector, 24-pin (21")
  • CPU AUX connectors, 4+4-pin, each section on its own tail
    • 4-pin AUX (22")
    • 2nd half of 8-pin AUX (22") (mates with the first 4-pin connector to create an 8-pin EPS connector)
  • PCI-e connectors (cable splits in two at 11")
    • 6-pin PCI-e (17")
    • 6+2-pin PCI-e (17")
  • Accessories (cable splits in three at 6")
    • 3x IDE power connectors and 1x Floppy connector (29")
    • 4x SATA power connectors (29")
    • 2x SATA power connectors and 2x IDE power connectors (33")

The mixed SATA / IDE cable will probably be appreciated, since it will allow most basic configurations (with SATA hard drives and a single optical drive) to be wired with a single cable set. However, the order of the connectors seems wrong; with the power supply located in the standard ATX position above the CPU, the optical drives are closer to the power supply, and should thus the IDE connectors should be first in the chain. On the other hand, the order is correct when mounted in a case such as the Antec P183 that locates the power supply at the bottom.


Things look pretty normal under the hood with all of the usual components in the usual places. The input capacitor is rated for 85°C, but the outputs are all 105°C.

One thing that did strike us was how neatly all of the output wires were routed as they left the casing. The exposed solder points for all the output wires were also coated in heatshrink.

The input side of things looks neat and tidy.

A top down view. Main transformer is marked Rong Chyuan.

The output cables are exceptionally neat and tidy, and and are wrapped in heatshrink at the solder point.

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