Antec NSK1480: The Fusion gets Smaller

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With the hood popped up, it is apparent just how tightly packed the case is. Antec has done all they can to minimize the footprint of this case, which is great for aesthetics, but probably a pain for usability. Tightness aside, the case is well laid out

Note the crossbar in the middle for structural support.

The central crossbar is removable and the case will function fine without putting it back in. However, it serves two important functions: It provides rigidity to the top panel which reduces vibration-induced noise, and it provides a place to anchor the two included cable straps for ease of cable management.

Twin 80mm exhaust fans, though low-to-mid power CPUs probably only need one. The black airflow guide extending from the back panel is designed to ensure that cool intake air passes around the CPU heatsink before it exits the case. It is extendible with multiple Lego-like sections that can compensate for the size of the heatsink and the position of the CPU.

Front panel connectors (with the optical bay removed).

Roughly 2/3 of the power supply's back panel is vented, potentially dumping a bit of warm air into the system. It is an Antec-branded 80-Plus model, but the spec sheet is printed in a blue that points to Seasonic as the OEM.

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