bequiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W Power Supply

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bequiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W
(Model BQT P10-550W)
ATX/EPS12V power supply
Street Price
£90, €110

SPCR's first encounter with this high end BeQuiet power supply occurred at Computex Taiwan in June 2012. My shorthand notes read, "Wow... sexy!" and "designed to be seen." The Dark Power Pro 10 series is all that and more: It is designed to appeal to the demanding computer hound looking for innovation as well as high performance and precision in a power supply. They boasts very high efficiency and a host of unusual features.

There are six models in the Dark Power Pro 10 lineup — 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W. I thought I'd heard in my chat with BeQuiet reps at Computex that they were all based on the Seasonic high efficiency X series, with 80 PLUS Gold or Platinum efficiency, but later, I learned that this is only true of the higher power models. The 550W, 650W and 750W models are made by Fortron-Source Power (or affiliate SPI), and rated 80 PLUS Gold. I really don't see the point of PSU models differentiated by only 100W. In my book, the 650W and 850W models are superfluous. The model under examination here is the 550W, which is likely to be of greatest interest for SPCR audiences.

bequiet! is a German company which claims to be the top selling PSU brand in that country. The brand is not well distributed outside of the EU, however. Even nearly six months after stating that they would be entering the US market "very soon", there is no sign of the brand in any US consumer search engines. Hence the prices cited atop, in British pounds and in Euro dollars, based on web searches. By today's exchange rates, the 550W model is selling for around $130. This is roughly on par with the UK/EU selling price of the Seasonic X-560, which is a pretty close comparable, although it sells in the US for about 10% less.

I've tested a bequiet! PSU before, the Dark Power Pro 430, back in 2006. That was pretty quiet in its day. We also covered a heatsink from this company recently, the Dark Rock 2.

So, let's start with a gander at this beauty.

It's a big retail package. Yes, that's an 850W sample in the background.

Very well packaged and presented in shock-resistant closed cell foam.

This photo doesn't do it full justice; it really looks good. The fan guard is a series of straight wires that gives the PSU its unique look. Rubberized bumpers adorn both back and front. The one on the back serves the real function of damping vibrations that might go from the internal fan to the PC case. The 135mm fan has grooves on each of the seven blades.

The output side of the PSU has a single attached cable with the main ATX connector to the motherboard, four PCIe power outlets, five drive outputs, an AUX12V output, a special 12V line switch connector (OCK), and four headers for fans to be controlled by the internal fan controller.

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