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The Invisible Case

This doesn't strictly related to Silent Computing, but I have a weakness for ultra-cool case mods. Not just the same-old boring case windows but unique, innovative case mods.

This guy has built a custom "invisible case" from scratch, using plexiglass and elbow grease. The project took three months to complete and the results are impressive.

The article is fairly long and contains a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how he built the case. There are plenty of images at the end of the article to show you the final result.

New GeForce4 Video Cards Continue Noisy Trend

Tom's Hardware has reviewed three early versions of the recently-released NVIDIA GeForce4 Series of video cards. ASUS, Creative Labs and Leadtek all sent prototype GeForce4 Ti4600 boards to be put under the microscope. As might be expected from NVIDIA's top of the line model, performance was excellent, trouncing the competition (and NVIDIA's older cards) in every category.

Unfortunately, all three cards reviewed have large heatsinks and fans that don't appear to be quiet. With descriptions ranging from "bearable noise levels" to "sound bears resemblance to that of a blow-drier", this doesn't bode well for Silent PC enthusiasts.

For now, I'll stick with my fanless LeadTek GeForce2MX.

Signum Data's Fanless "SID FutureClient"