Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

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Coolermaster Sileo 500: A Quiet Case by Coolermaster?

May 26, 2009 by Lawrence Lee

Coolermaster Sileo 500
ATX Mid Tower Case
Market Price

To this point Coolermaster has had a reputation for putting out cases that are either simple and utilitarian, or massive and complex. The Sileo 500 is decidedly different — it is marketed specifically as a quiet enclosure. Its name you may think is fake Italian for "silly" but it's actually Latin for "silent." Fancy, eh?

The box.

So what makes a case quiet anyway? Fundamentals are thoroughly covered in our Cases: Basics & Recommendations article. In a nutshell, first it needs quiet fans. Secondly, it can't have gaping holes on every side, for noise to attack you directly... some of Coolermaster's cases have huge, multiple fan placements directly on the side panel. Last but not least, it needs to have methods of dealing with both vibration and airborne noise. It will be interesting to see how Coolermaster, not known for their silencing gear, dealt with these fundamental issues, if at all.

The Sileo 500. So far so good — the case looks solid all around.

Scant accessories.

Coolermaster Sileo 500: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
Sound-proof design for a quiet computing experience If it's soundproof, it should be silent, not just quiet.
Subtle ventilation holes located between side and front panels Fewer openings means less noise escaping, but lack of ventilation can also be a problem.
Easy access front I/O panel with support for e-SATA Recently it seems case manufacturers have been favoring eSATA rather than FireWire.
5.25" and 3.5" tool-free design for easy installation and upgrade Sounds good.
Aluminum bezel with Elegant design No cheap plastic here.
Detachable anti-vibration HDD pads for noise reduction Addressing hard drive vibration is an absolute must for a case design for quiet operation.
Stylish front LED As long as it doesn't annoy or blind us, we'll be happy.

Coolermaster Sileo 500: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Available Color Black
Dimension (D) 480 x (W) 200 x (H) 432mm
Weight 9.7 kg; 21.38 lb
Motherboards Micro-ATX,
5.25" Drive Bay 5 Exposed
3.5" Drive Bay 1 Exposed; 4 Hidden
I/O Panel USB x 2,
eSATA x 1,
Mic x 1,
Audio x 1
Cooling System Front: One 120 x 25mm standard fan
Rear: One 120 x 25mm standard fan
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 (optional)

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