passively cooled processors
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Author:  MikeC [ Mon Aug 12, 2002 2:32 pm ]
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Always a demand issue, I think. Mobile proc. generally don't have the identical form factor, so would require a different mobo. <br> <br>The C3 is an obvious choice, VIA has gone to some lengths to ensure low power dissipation and the ability to survive running really hot. <br> <br>Aside from that, another thing to try is a T-bird. The slowest one you can find (maybe 900MHZ?). Here's how to run it cool, maybe cool enough with a huge heatsink to run fanless: <br> <br>- easily unlocked with pencil trick so you can play with both multiplier and bus speed. <br>- if underclocked by 30% or more with still a reasonable bus (say 100), you can easily undervolt up to 0.3V, maybe more. Each .1V translates to about 1.5 degrees C less heat, in my experience. <br>- HS -- Zalman 6000cu, Alpha 8045, Swiftech 462, maybe the Thermalright AX-7 may be suitable. Anything big with lots of copper, surface area and non-directional fins. I do prefer the 4 bolt mount system (alpha & swiftech) over the clips. So more more secure & precise. <br>- Will still have lots of computing power, probably even for all but the latest 3d games.

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