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Author:  rjhythloday [ Thu May 31, 2007 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Great results!

I'm glad I found this site, I didn't realize how loud my hairdryer of a desktop really was!

When Modding my case last year, I had 4 80mm panaflos 2 intake 2 exhaust, an 80mm on the cpu-hs. 120mm blowhole, 120 side intake over the cpu-hs and 120mm in the s12-330 (seasonic psu). That's alot of fans even w/ all of them @ 7v they were loud, 12v made no difference in temps and truely sounded like a hair dryer!

w/ glass lapped hs/f cpu temps were 49 idle (best) usually 50's and up to 55 when the filter on the side intake needed cleaning.

Now I've removed all the 80mm's added a 120 aft of the 4 hdds that blows on the 9600xt vga that has had the 40mm removed (same hs) runs at 40c.

hdd temps all stayed about the same usually 28-32c.

obtw I just got a Thermalright SI97a, moved the 120 from the side intake and placed it on top of the hs, still has the screen right in front of it

CPU temps are now 42-43c idle 48 load,

I've even seen it at 38c idle w/ the ambient temp was under 70f. ambient is usually 74f.

I still run the 120s at 7v nearly inaudible, flipping the switch to 12v does drop 1-2 on the cpu and nb now, did nothing before.

Next up is a custom mdf case w/ room for more hdds.

btw cpu is a 2500 oc'd to 2.1 ghz, the SI97a made the biggest difference of all, next system will definitely have a thermalright sitting on top of a dual core.

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