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 Post subject: Powered USB Hub >500ma per port
PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:41 pm 

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I'm trying to get 4 webcams running for an amateur cctv setup. The cams I am using are MS Vx-100 lifecams which are marked as 500mA (realised this after much frustration with devices cutting out, etc.. seems like a lot for a tiny webcam..)
So I have a powered hub which is just a regular 7 port powered hub rated at 5v. 2A. It actually has run all four cameras in the past, everything runs great even for weeks, then suddenly drops out and have trouble even getting a couple of the cams running again.. fuse issue? It's obvious it shouldn't be able to run 4x500mA + 4x Active USB Extenders (not sure how these use) + whatever the hub itself draws for circuits, leds, etc... So It's obvious even 2.5A hub which are readily available probably isn't going to cut it, either.. would need 3A or 4A hub. Another option would be to ebay those cams and get something else lower power, my mate using Logi's which apparently are very efficient at 100mA. However, I like these as they are nice and low profile and the quality isn't shabby.

I have seen a few 10 and 13 port hubs, but I don't need that many, and does more ports mean less mA for each port? The hub manufacturers aren't betting on joe average plugging in 4x 500mA devices and running them 24/7 which is fair enough.

My understanding is that the new usb 3.0 ports (most of them?) are reverse compatible with 2.0 devices, but I think I even have a 3.0 port on my computer to connect the device in the first place, also does it provide the greater mA when 2.0 stuff is plugged in or does it only accomodate greater power for 3.0 devices. There is one available locally here in Australia.. Astrotek 4 port 4A hub 3.0

OR.. I can just use two cameras.. I don't live in a mansion and don't need every single window/entrance covered.

 Post subject: Re: Powered USB Hub >500ma per port
PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:44 pm 

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since i doubt it'll break anything other than the hub, how bout trying an overpowered power supply in place of the one currently in use? stick a 5v, 3-4 amp one in place of the one you currently have on there.

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