Enermax Modu82+ 625 Review
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Author:  tutu [ Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:36 pm ]
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scdr wrote:
The low load test lists it as taking 2.3 watts

Could various motherboard features like Wake on LAN, Wake on Ring, Wake on PCI/PCI-E, Wake on mouse, Wake on keyboard reduce this figure? Or will it be that figure no matter what.

I wonder how it compares to my previous power supply - a Enermax Liberty 620W (I hadn't upgraded in a while!). Checked SPCR review and they didn't measure this back then.

Author:  Michael Sandstrom [ Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:38 pm ]
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I am really disappointed that I can not fan swap my new Modu82+ 425 watt. The fan in my unit is far from silent with a slight rumble and growl.

Based on the acoustics of the fan in my unit, I can't recommend Enermax

I am going to remove the Enermax and go back to my Seasonic SS-4oo which (modified with a Japanaflo at 5 watts) is inaudible.

Author:  NeilBlanchard [ Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:26 pm ]
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Hello Michael,

It may be that you can get an RMA replacement?

Author:  scdr [ Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:53 pm ]
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tutu wrote:
scdr wrote:
The low load test lists it as taking 2.3 watts

Could various motherboard features like Wake on LAN, Wake on Ring, Wake on PCI/PCI-E, Wake on mouse, Wake on keyboard reduce this figure? Or will it be that figure no matter what.

Since the 2.3 watts was measured with no standby load at all (just the power supply itself), it is probably the lowest achievable with this supply. In an actual system, where the motherboard, USB devices, etc. are using standby power, one would expect the total standby draw to be larger than this; potentially as much as 20-30 watts total draw when the system is off.

http://www.silentpcreview.com/forums/vi ... hp?t=47166

Enabling wake on lan, etc. will likely increase how much power is consumed at standby; see for instance http://www.lesswatts.org/tips/

If you know how much your motherboard/etc. draws at standby, one might be able to interpolate between the no load test and the lowest load datapoint given to estimate how much standby power will be.
I don't know how accurate such a calculation would be; whether power supplies change much in efficiency over the range of standby power conversions.

Author:  anakintjc [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:55 am ]
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What bothers me the most : the actual 500 rpm is kept only until +- 25% of the psu load instead of the promised 50%!

This probably means too that with lower wattage models this point is reached early and not so quiet after all...

Any thoughts concerning this problem?

Author:  floffe [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:36 am ]
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That'll depend a lot on the thermal conditions. Remember that SPCRs PSU test rig channels pretty much all heat through one low-speed 120mm fan and the PSU, while Enermax probably made the marketing chart at a constant temperature. I seriously doubt that the lower-power models will have a slower fan to start with, so they shouldn't need to spin up faster than this one. And remember it's still the quietest one tested by SPCR up to and beyond 500W.

Author:  FartingBob [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:38 am ]
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Im getting my 425 watt version in a week or 2, hope its quieter than my current PSU, which is by far the loudest thing in my system now, and the only thing left before everything is geared towards quiet operation.

Author:  Michael Sandstrom [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:26 am ]
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My 425 watt unit which I will probably RMA has a starting fan speed of 650 rpm. A couple of owners of Modu82+ units have reported starting fan speeds of 480 rpm.

Author:  Stevie1 [ Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:20 am ]
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Hey Michael,

keep us posted about your new enermax. This is the 2nd case of a
loud fan, I heard of. Although I already decided to buy an enermax Modu82+ I got pretty scpetical now about the noise.



Author:  zoob [ Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:37 pm ]
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Ohh I am loving this Modu82+

No more coil whine when I move my mouse around!

Components include:

Radeon 3850

Any Radeon (3850/3870) would squeal with my HX620

Swapped over to the Modu82+ 625W and it's quiet again!

Author:  tutu [ Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:58 am ]
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I've just upgraded from a ATI HD 3650 to a 3870 XT and my PSU fan is running at 484 RPM. The previous GPU consumed less power and didn't use a PCI-E power connector.

Seems to be running fairly quiet. The default 3870 XT fan is noisy so I will be replacing it.

Author:  randfee [ Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:22 pm ]
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Installed my Modu82+ 625W today. Definitely alot quieter than my Antec TruePower. I started it up externally, did some testing and listened. Right next to my ear, I could barely hear the fan at full power (Prime 95 + GPU crunch around 370W). Installed away.... most Noise definitely coming from the case-fan (Antec 120mm something), which is at low already. If I stop that one the system is very silent (Noctua U12P cpu cooler)

The Enermax PS barely moves any air and I have a 8800GT that idles at 80°C and an overclocked e6750 around 3.3GHz so I definitely need the case fan to get some hot air out, I have to think about that, maybe downclock to make it cooler.

Anyway, installation was smooth, cables & connectors left an excellent impression. Will do some proper testing soon.


Author:  Michael Sandstrom [ Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:20 pm ]
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I RMA'ed a Modu82+ 425 watt PSU which was relatively loud with a beginning fan speed of 650 RPM. I decided to order another unit and hope for better results. I just hooked up the new unit and it is very quiet with a beginning fan speed of 463 RPM. The previous lowest fan speed I have seen reported was 479 rpm. Power usage readings with a Seasonic Power Angel show considerably reduced draw compared to my old Seasonic SS-400.

Author:  NeilBlanchard [ Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:37 am ]
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Hello Michael,

I'm glad to hear that the replacement unit is up to snuff.

Author:  Michael Sandstrom [ Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:44 pm ]
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Hello Neil,

Thanks for the suggestion to RMA the noisy unit. I have never sent a product back for poor acoustics. I might not have sent this one back either but then I checked the fan speed and realized that the unit was defective. I am really pleased with the replacement.

Author:  victri [ Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:28 am ]
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I just got myself a 625W. Very straightforward and painless install. My old Scythe Ninja fan is now the loudest component in my case.

Here are some pros and cons as I see it -

- Very quiet 90% of the time. I had to shine a torch in to make sure the fan was spinning. I can only hear it when I put my ear up near to the exhaust. My normal usage (non-gamer) does not stress it enough to hear it ramp up.
- Easy to use cables. Nice tough sleeving.

- 24pin connector. Only the 425W version comes with the 20+4pin, so people with 20pin mobo, please take note. You might need an adapter.
- Cable sleeves do not cover the entire length of the cables. Looks a little bit messy for anal neatfreaks like me.
- the 4pin and 8pin that connects to the mobo are sleeved together and splits to a "Y". I don't use the 8pin, so it was a pain to tuck out of the way.
- Fan rpm wire a little bit too short for wire management. Would have been good if it were 3-4" longer.

I'll be monitoring the fan rpm over the next few weeks, but for sure I know it's spinning slower than my previous leafblower PSU, which might be causing the 1-2deg increase in case temp.

Overall a great PSU. Not totally silent, but very quiet. I'm very happy with it.

Author:  zoob [ Thu May 01, 2008 4:32 am ]
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The fan growl is starting to irritate me. Tempted to switch back to my HX620 w/Sflex F... but then I lose efficiency, and possibly get some coil whine again (I've changed video cards since my last post).

Author:  winguy [ Mon May 12, 2008 5:24 pm ]
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Enermax Pro82+ and Modu82+ are now 80 PLUS Bronze certified.


Author:  NeilBlanchard [ Mon May 12, 2008 6:07 pm ]
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They have gotten better than 85% efficiency -- I'll bet that is with 220v?

Good on Enermax!

Author:  Ven [ Sun May 25, 2008 7:02 am ]
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I've bought Pro82+ 625W version and after replacing box cooler on my CPU it turned out that this PSU is not that quiet.

Perhaps my PSU is broken or something, but its noise is nowhere similar to recordings from the review of Modu82+ 625W. Despite 500RPM readout, rattling is clearly audible. I can hear no air "whoosh", but that rattling and something that sounds more or less like very old sleeve bearing. It sounds really bad as for 500RPM. I can hear it from around 6-7 meters, when the windows and case are closed.

It's not very noisy, but I can clearly hear it in my room (AC Freezer 7 Pro at 1000RPM, 3x AC Fan 3 at 1100 RPM, GeForce 8800GTS 512, Samsung F1 with Scythe anti-vibration and 160GB Hitachi with custom silencing). I can barely hear noise of other components in my computer over this PSU. When I stop the fan, for a second, this noise disappears.

I have no idea what to do in this case. Swapping the fan was said to be a bad idea. Besides, I live in Poland, where RMA and customer support in general is really bad (but I haven't contacted Enermax so far). I paid around $215 (converted to USD), what is considered a good price, but still it's a lot for me.

I have a spare PSU from my previous computer, but I don't know if I should RMA it. Is there a possibility that Enermax service in Poland will keep this PSU for long time and at the end will tell me that it should work like that and will charge me for unnecessary service operation? (I had such situations, but not with Enermax)

(If this post is in wrong section, please move it)

Author:  lodestar [ Sun May 25, 2008 1:29 pm ]
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I have the MODU82+ 625 model, which as I understand it is exactly the same as your PSU apart from the modular cables.

The motherboard hardware monitoring utility reports the fan as 470 rpm running a Vista desktop. There is no noise from the Enermax that I can discern, so your rattling noise is not typical and may well indicate a faulty fan.

Author:  NeilBlanchard [ Sun May 25, 2008 7:03 pm ]
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Greetings Ven & welcome to SPCR,

I would try and RMA it.

Author:  Ven [ Mon May 26, 2008 12:04 am ]
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Thank you for warm welcome and help. (I've been reading official articles for like 4+ years and checking the forum from time to time, but never posted)
Sorry for this thread spam. I tried to prepare some recordings of the noise, but my super-cheap mic is not precise enough. A friend of mine who has some Topower PSU (no mods) visited me yeasterday and said that his PSU is noticably quieter than mine. I'll try to contact official Enermax service / distributor in Poland to check if they will accept this RMA. I hope that they'll replace the fan and it will be as good as described in review and this thread in general.

Author:  jkap [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:25 am ]
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Hi all spcr members,

As this is my first post, many thanks to SPCR and everyone here for the invaluable information I have got all this time!

I am upgrading my PC based on forum info, and as soon as I bought a silent Gigabyte 9600GT my old 400W PSU revealed its inadequacy to handle it by topping up speed and making an awful noise :)
The fact that I've also replaced my case fans with a couple of Yate Loons D12SL12 made this even more intolerable :)

So, although a bit scared by the reports in this thread about apparent QC issues(?), I bought an Enermax modu82+ 525W, which I am happy to report that it works perfectly.
It starts up at 420/460rpm (as reported by MB's uGuru utility) as expected, at which speed is nearly inaudible as already reported by many.

It now works at 720rpm, which still is very quiet. However, as we are now in the hot Greek summer season, ambient temp at this moment is about 30 C, and PC temps report as CPU 41, System 39, PWM 50, which is still pretty good, isn't it?

Author:  NeilBlanchard [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:07 am ]
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Greetings and welcome to SPCR!

Yes those are very respectable temperatures -- especially in a very hot environment! Good job.

Author:  jkap [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:39 am ]
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Thank you! Btw, that was at idle, E6300 with stock Intel cooler :)

Based on the info here, I am soon going for a HR-01 Plus w/ another Yate Loon on it.
In gaming, after a long COD4 session, the Enermax modu82+ went up to 1080rpm, I got 83 C on the silent 9600GT and 46, 41, 55 on the CPU/System/PWM respectively.

The PSU doesn't seem to sweat at all, however what do you think about the temps?

ps. and in the time it took me to write this message it dropped back to 780rpm and the temps back to normal. I think given the room temperature this is excellent performance from this PSU.

Author:  casebuyer [ Sun Jul 13, 2008 1:23 am ]
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so can modu82+ 625 watt load 9 sata drives

Author:  Monkeh16 [ Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:34 am ]
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casebuyer wrote:
so can modu82+ 625 watt load 9 sata drives

I power seven off an old Liberty 500W, so I'd go with yes, easily.

Author:  oomingmak [ Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:21 am ]
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Back in early March, MikeC said that at some point he'd be testing the lower power Enermax models to see how the noise/power curve changes, and also to confirm that the performance of the reviewed 625w version was not a fluke.

I just wondered if there was any ETA for this review yet, as I'd be very interested to know whether the 425w version is comparable noise-wise to the reviewed sample.


Author:  Deliriou5 [ Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:19 am ]
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oomingmak wrote:
Back in early March, MikeC said that at some point he'd be testing the lower power Enermax models to see how the noise/power curve changes, and also to confirm that the performance of the reviewed 625w version was not a fluke.

I just wondered if there was any ETA for this review yet, as I'd be very interested to know whether the 425w version is comparable noise-wise to the reviewed sample.


I was wondering the same thing here.

I recienlty upgraded to a E8400 and a Radeon HD 4850 on a new mobo (Asus PQ5 Pro). My 12+ line is reading 11.4V with my SeaSonic 380 and I and getting random crashes when exiting 3D games and when going in/out of S3 sleep. I'm thinking My PSU is not up to the task (it dose not have a "real" PCI-E plug, so I'm using an adaptor off of two different molex lines. It is also missing the P8 connector for the mobo, so I'm only using the P4 connector). I'd like to go with the EMD425AWT as I think the 525W PSU would be overkill.

I'm hoping the fan on the Modu82+ 425 is the same as the Modu82+ 625, but at this point I'd just like something that works :)


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