Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV
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Author:  MikeC [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV


Author:  lm [ Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

The discuss this article link takes me back to the first page of the review.

Author:  MikeC [ Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

lm wrote:
The discuss this article link takes me back to the first page of the review.

ah.... fixed

Author:  frenchie [ Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

Nice review as usual. Still too expensive for me for now though....
I've always been very impressed by the Samsung products that I bought. All my hard drives come from them (no failures yet), my computer screen (15 inches SyncMaster 152b, 700 euros at the time...) has no dead pixels, is dead silent, has a beautiful image, and I've had it for 8 years. This brand will be on my shopping list when I decide to get a TV.

Author:  bgavin [ Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

My research brought me to this very model a few months ago.
After several trips to Fry's to view it, I had to admit to myself it was a great set, just too large for my needs.
I bought the 46" version of the C650 and am simply delighted.

Note the HULU application in the set is only a small subset of that available on the web site.
IMO, the built-in HULU app is completely useless. It is a tiny subset of HULU content available on the net.

I tried the paid subscription HULU, and was bitterly disappointed.
HULU chokes and stutters, apparently from server over load.
As a paying subscriber, I was still subjected to all those annoying commercials.

The Samsung applet for NetFlix does not disappoint at all.
Content is queued using the home computer connection to NetFlix, and selected at the TV.
The user interface is smartly designed and easy to use. It also plays back from your last stopping point.

Even though this series does not test "perfect", the image quality on the 650 series is superb.
The image quality lends the perception of being "on set" at camera position.
The high gloss screen provides amazing depth used in a darkened room.
Take care to avoid a reflection from the screen, as these are also quite visible.

LAN attached sets require a fast connection.
DVD content is 3.1 mbps continuous, so HD content must require more.
My 6 mbps DSL is evidently a "party line" because speed drops from 5.1 below 3 mbps during prime time.
Perhaps an HTPC computer would buffer content and avoid the retries when the TV buffer runs dry.

Author:  CA_Steve [ Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

Thanks for the review.

I've been on a HDTV search for a few months as my 14 year old 35" CRT gasped it's last few breaths. I was amused when I saw this:

"4. STANDARD TV — No one buys a HD TV capable of 1080p resolution video to watch 480i programming but it still happens from time to time."

Yeah, that would be me (pointing to the stack of DVDs, video tapes and analog cable connection). As Comcast charges a hefty premium for HD content, I expect I'll continue to watch a mix of SD cable content as well as BD and HD streaming content. Eventually, I hope for more available HD content online... It's been a rather frustrating task trying to find a TV that performs all of these functions well:
- decent SD picture quality
- great HD picture quality (in all it's various modes)
- low lag for gaming (implies an IPS LCD or plasma)
- reasonable power consumption (LCD)
- reasonable price

It seems like I could find a model that met 3 or 4 criteria but never all 5. Something had to give....or I had to cross my fingers and hope the CRT would keep working until the next CES show/model year of TVs arrived. I was hoping for the latter and then the CRT gave up the ghost last week. Just in time for holiday season pricing. So, I opted to not worry about gaming on the TV, and that made the Samsung model a contender. I just placed an order at Amazon for the LN46C650 for $880 and expect it's arrival next week.

The C630/650 is highly rated by a number of sources/sites: Consumer Reports, CNET, televisioninfo.com as well as having great customer reviews at amazon and newegg.

If you ever wanted to lose your will to live, read 140+ pages of posts at avsforum. There is some great and useful information in there, but OMG, 140 pages to sift through.

Here's my short summary of (hopefully) useful stuff:

- Samsung uses a variety of LCD panels from 2-3 sources and this also varies by model size. So, the panel in Mike's 55" could very well be from a different manufacturer/line/type than the one in a 46" or 40". Two people could have the same model number and have different panels. AVSforum members refer to this as the panel lottery. For the general consumer, this probably doesn't matter. Over at AVSforum, it's either a big deal or not a big deal (140 pages of posts!) depending on your eyes.
- Samsung does a LOT of video processing on the HD signal. That plus the type of panel used means lots of gaming lag. You can reduce this by putting the TV in "game mode", which then bypasses most of the video processing. The result is said to be ok for RPG and either ok or crappy for FPS games. The downside is that you've removed most of the processing that makes the picture look awesome. YMMV.
- Calibration thread at AVSforum. Out of the box, the TV will be set for showroom levels of brightness and saturation.
- What's the difference between the C650 and C670? Samsung slaps a different bezel on the C650, calls it a C670 and then only sells it to Best Buy. Then, Best Buy can play the "we match any retailer's price for this model" game.
- What's the difference between the C610 and C630? The C610 is sold in warehouse stores like Costco. Typically, the bezel might be different and there might be less connectivity on the back panel.
- What the heck is this 46C600 and why is it bargain priced at $799? Samsung brings out a model variant during the holiday season to compete against the other brands and to keep the other model pricing a bit more stable. There is no hard evidence, but conjecture at AVSforum is: the feature set is similar to the C630/C610. Samsung cuts some corners in panel/component quality/costs in order to meet the price point. YMMV.
- Matte finish or glossy Ultra Clear Panel? Depends on model and size. The 55" is all UCP. 46" 650/670 is UCP. 46" 630 and below is matte. Not sure about 40".

Hope that helps. I'm looking forward to next week's delivery. Time to shop for cables at monoprice.

Author:  bgavin [ Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

I think you will be very pleased with your C650 in 46". I certainly am pleased with mine.
With a modestly dark room, the UCP provides an exception clarity that is more like standing beside the camera. Uncanny.

My single gripe is navigating numerous screens to access either OTA Signal Strength or Internet Speed.
I run an Antenna Craft U8000 for over-the-air, and like to check the signal bar count when a station gets pixelated.
Accessing the internet speed test screen is also a fiddly navigation.

I'm one of those who watches 480p DVD upscaled to the C650.
My modest Sony player is one of those $33 jobs that can be set to output in 480P and 16x9 format.
It isn't BD, but I don't own a BD player, so no big deal.
I find the 480P to be similar quality to what I stream from NetFlix. It's all good.

I'm thinking you might require an HTPC to buffer streamed content to eliminate stutters and resolution downgrades.
The latest firmware/app for NetFlix changed the code and interface.
It used to choke when the buffer ran dry, now it drops resolution (noticeably) until the buffer fills up.

It seems an obvious need, having an HTPC that can buffer X minutes of content.
This would allow even a 1.5 mbps connection to pre-fill a large buffer where the HTPC can deliver the full bit rate.
I'd be happy with queuing a movie 30 minutes in advance, so when the popcorn, etc, is ready, so is the movie.
Not everybody runs a 7+ mbps connection to get the full bitrate.

Your new C650 will be a time waster... I spend (waste) far more time in front of the set now that I get HD and NetFlix.

Author:  CA_Steve [ Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

My local connection speed is great, but I often find that my panasonic BD player drops Netflix and has to reacquire perhaps once every 20 minutes...as opposed to the stutter-free operation on a PC. It'll be interesting to compare it against the C650. It does seem like a no-brainer to add some adequate buffer memory to the (TV, BD player, etc) appliance. Even if it's a 1Mb/s stream, 12-15 seconds of buffer (what Hulu puts on your PC) is a pittance of RAM. And, due to the restraints put on Netflix by Hollywood, you really only get HD thru an appliance and not on a PC.

It's likely that I will go the HTPC route sometime in the future. Honestly, I don't want another Windows system to maintain. I keep hoping for more appliance-like functionality in an HTPC: instant boot, easy DVR and tuner functions, decent sleep/idle/load power. <shrugs>. One thing at a time.

Author:  IdontexistM8 [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

I have the European 40" model and it definitely has an element of backlight buzz/whine on any setting below max. It's not the worst thing in the world but a tuned ear will hear it. I don't believe it's as bad a problem as people have been having with Samsung's 37" units, there's a Youtube video of one making a horrendous zinging buzz. However from what I've gleaned it seems I've been somewhat unlucky to get a 40" with any buzz.

As it doesn't disturb regular viewing on the setting I have it (plus I use headphones a lot), I am, for now at least, keeping it. If it was to get much worse then I'll be getting an engineer round or will press for a replacement. Overall it's a shame because it's a great set, Ok, I have a touch of corner flashlighting in dark conditions but then most people do. The general picture quality is excellent and it's the one LCD I've seen that can make SD and XviD look half decent.

I just wish Samsung would maintain some level of consistency in their output and that goes for some of their other products too.

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