My Silent PC (pics!)
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Author:  msmrodan [ Sat Dec 13, 2003 5:59 am ]
Post subject:  My Silent PC (pics!)

Just for you SPCR'ers out there, I took some snapshots of my quiet PC setup in the studio. Hope this helps you in your quest -

Case: Chieftec DA01BD (Dragon)
Mobo: ECS K7s5A
CPU: Athlon XP 1700
Memory: 768MB Mushkin DDR 2100
HD: 1 Segate Medalist 13.3GB 5400 RPM
2 Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB
Zalman 6000cu on the cpu,
Zalman Fan controller in one of the 5.25" bays
PSU: QuietPC 230W

First of all, the computer front from outside -
http://www.msnusers.com/MySilentPC/shoe ... &PhotoID=4

The front is lighted with two LEDs I bought in car acessory shop, then spliced and soldered to the 12V line, just for that bling bling effect. 8)

Now for the inside -
http://www.msnusers.com/MySilentPC/shoe ... &PhotoID=2

http://www.msnusers.com/MySilentPC/shoe ... &PhotoID=3

http://www.msnusers.com/MySilentPC/shoe ... &PhotoID=1

As you can see, the case is damped from almost all sides, using the antistatic foam that comes with computer components (0$ cost) - this helps a LOT even though its not intended for damping.

The Medalist is suspended on elastic, while the Barracuda is covered with further foam to reduce noise.

There are only 3 fans in the system- 1. PSU Fan, thermally controlled
2. Stock ZALMAN 92mm fan on CPU - constantly at 5V, 3. Exhaust fan (noname) at 5V

In addition, all cables are sleeved and the air intake (3.5" bay) was also padded from the inside with foam. There is also padding behind the front door of the case, greatly reducing cd-rom access noise.

Temps run between 48 at idle to 56 at load, even during summertime.

Noise is so low that at 3.a.m I can't hear it from 3 meters away, sitting beside it you can hear a low hum, almost inaudible. :P

Hope you find this helpful,


Author:  Tigr [ Sat Dec 13, 2003 7:04 am ]
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How are the hard drive tempratures? Do you have a fan in front of them? I guess otherwise they must heat up considerably...

Author:  msmrodan [ Sat Dec 13, 2003 7:31 am ]
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Around 39-40C, quite ok actually..

Author:  energy [ Wed Dec 17, 2003 5:11 am ]
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Whats with the big foam block in front of the PSU? Surely it restricts airflow a lot?

Author:  lenny [ Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:31 am ]
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Regarding the foam, what noise would you say it reduced the most? Which pieces of foam resulted inthe most noise reduction?

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