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 Post subject: [After Thoughts] Antec Fusion Remote with Cougar Vortex
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:42 pm 

Joined: Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:51 pm
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Location: USA
Case: Antec Fusion Remote (HTPC Case);
Chip: Intel i5 2500k (under-Clocked);
Ram - 16gigs of GSkill;
Video Card: Asus EAH6850 DirectCU Video;
Fans: x2 case fan COUGAR CF-V12HP Vortex
Heatsink: Silverstone SST-NT01-E
PSU: Seasonic Gold x-760
HD - 120SSD & 500gb 2.5HD;

Temp: CPU avg of 53c, GPU avg of 40c, MB avg of 30c
Planned: Asus Xonar Audio Card; CPU fan

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 Post subject: Re: [After Thoughts] Antec Fusion Remote with Cougar Vortex
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:42 pm 

Joined: Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:51 pm
Posts: 19
Location: USA
When I first bought my MB and Processor, no matter what I did it just wont work. I even got new ram to see if it is compatable.... but it seems that either the motherboard or processor is screwed up, so i returned it and got a new one.

What I noticed with the video card is that it fits... but the problem is the extra power that it requires which goes on the top of the card, so I kinda have to force the cords flat a little and the lid is kinda beveled a little bit aside from that it fits.

I also noticed that the Seasonic does not have the extra mini power cord that is normally attached to normal power cords, in the case of the Antec Fusion case it needs that extra power for the remote control and the LCD to work. The power cord that came with the case wont fit in the Seasonic ports.
So i had to buy a tool to remove it from the connector and move the mini power from the Antec Fusion to the Seasonic.

I also replaced the fans that was in the case (the Antec Basic fans, but I was going a fanless heatsink in a small case, so I used the COUGAR CF-V12HP Vortex fans which is untested by most people but it had a long life of 300000 Hours and ball bearing so i went with that. It does have noise in the area of wind being it is pushing a lot of air through. Imagine if your blowing air from your mouth with your lips puckered up a little, it sounds like that.

I originally put in the Ninja Mini after buying it from a SPCR member, but I did notice that it will "likely" block my ram slot being the Gskill ram has the heat sink that sticks up.... so I got the Silverstone heatsink which is fanless. (some motherboard might fit it, but I need the ASUS motherboard with the Video and Audio card for combined HDMI output)

I was getting some heat problems on my first start up, the scythe ninja mini allows for better air flow but Silverstone is isnt a good shape for heat disbursement.
Granted it might be the motherboard being cautious (anything over 75F will give me an error, so a cold boot on a warm day will still prevent a normal startup) and I was getting heat messages in windows 7.

So I ended up putting the case fan power to the CPU fan slot (the one which blows directly on the heatsink) then ramped up the fan up to high (1388 rpm), and it is performing better and almost always no heat messages that flash up when running the computer. But rebooting the computer will still give an error (which then I let it run for 5 minutes before I start windows via the boot menu, so the fan can run through the heat sink to cool the cpu down)
The CPU runs at an average of 50-55c according to the ASUS sensor, Motherboard is 30c, while the video card from ASUS is always between 38-40c.

As for sound it isnt bad, you wont notice it if you are playing anything but just typing and nothing else you will hear the sound of the wind which the fans are generating even during the day. The heat sink is directly against the fan so that also causes more sound to be generated, if I had the Ninja Mini fan in it then it should be much more silent.
But I must say that laptop fans generate more sound than it.

All in all I do think the fan is great (likely less sound in a normal cpu case), but the silverstone needs a fan that blow directly on the part that connects to the CPU for it to work properly which you have to custom add it.

Before I get an audio card, I need to find a good sleeve bearing fan and jimmyrig it to attach to the heatsink so it wont block airflow from the case fans. That is assuming if the cords dont block the way of the audio card.

Oh right my computer is in a receiver slot in my TV stand (3inch of space on each side, and 1 inch on the top), if you put it on top of the stand it might be cooler due to more airflow.

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