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 Post subject: Gonna plunge in to Watercooling over the weekend need recomd
PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 11:29 am 

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I finally decided to go overclocking with quietness in mind.
(Rather than spending even more money on P4 3+ and Radeon 9800 or something)...
Water cooling is the reasonable option to me at this point... (vaporchill is probably going to be noisy with its bigger compression unit not to mention all the junk running around).
I couldn't find a case I liked that has water cooling pre installed. (Not to much into cheiftech design myself)
I am left with 2 choices...
1) Swifttech 80mm fan based one
2) Koolance exos.
(Others are fine too but it requires way too much modification in case as I can't find a place to put 120mm fan in my case really)
Either way I go, I will be getting CPU/GPU/CHIPSET/HDD water cooled. (HDD will be suspended one way or another still)
Which one has the better sound/performance factor? This system I am expecting to use more than couple of years through various upgrades. (I will still keep my 3 case fans however running at minimum voltage it requires to start up the fan... (top one is not going to be used at all no matter what)
Currently leaning toward exos as I can get whole thing for about $350 shipped right now and it probably looks nice with my case. (going to paint the cover of case black and clear coat it if I do)

Reports I've seen show that typical 2.53 CPU can go to 3.3+ and 9500 running at speed of 9700 pro + with either setup. (not to mention amazing memory bandwidth nearing 450mhz!!!!)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2003 1:35 pm 
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nasty truth
those kits arent that good :\
imo u should push for a little bit more
cathers block little white water or sumin
review at
if u live in uk or can afford shipping, pclincs and have big rads, ive been told the top end ocpc can do 2xamds ambient, tho not heavly loaded :)
pump get a 1250, and isolate or put in res
could have all crap behind pc comin in thru fan hole or sumin
id go with swifty kit over coolence, cos its easier to use comon parts later

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leechbox, p3 something, 80gig hd, soundproofed case

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:13 pm 

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Have you looked at the AquaExtreme 3G from ?

And it isn't much more difficult to do a little research and get a custom system that fits your needs.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 10:01 pm 

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Swiftec makes good GPU blocks tho
If you are going to be using a high-performance card, get the Swiftec GPU block or make sure there is some water resistance in the block. The card will get real hot real fast if there is no water resistance (smooth, flat interior)

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2003 11:11 am 

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I like the Swiftech blocks (CPU and GPU).
... And I suspect the Swiftech "kits" are fine.
However, for a quiet system already "tuned" around a radiator that can use / be put in place of an 80mm fan, I'd think seriously about the Innovatek stuff.
Or, given that you're going to be using an 80mm radiator
Eheim 1046 centrifugal pump about $39 at directron
AGB-o-matic resevoir $30
Black Ice micro 80mm rad $43 at becooling
Swiftech MCW372 Waterblock $37

... which gets you to $149, not counting shipping - and you still need tubing ($10 for silicone at US Plastic) a barb fitting for the resevoir (1/4NPT to whatever size tubing you decide on), or if you decide you line the Innovatek fittings (one will come with the resevoir), a couple of "step"up tubing adaptors (20 cents each or so) to get your 8mm tubing to make with the 1/2" radiator spigots, possiblu a pair of push-in "speedfit" adapers for the Swiftech ($2 each or so) and, finally, a relatively quiet 80mm fan (bet you've got one already).

Note that the MCW372 is now obsolete, but I like it a lot as it's Swiftech quality and "hoses" the water stream right over the die contact area. It's really easy to mount and you can still get the bits from swiftech if you want this to be a TEC cooler - although, you probably won't be doing this with an 80mm form-factor radiator.

So, there ya go a by-bob kit for under $200.


PS: No you don't really need the resevoir, but it's a very nice thing to have when filling the system, and, if the pump is at the bottom of your circuit, essentially reduces required suction head to zero, which is a good thing for centrifugal pumps.
PS2: I'm running a similar cooling system (but 120mm form factor radiator), fans slow enough to be inaudible, and get temps 10C above board temp (using case air exhausted through radiator). I've overclocked an athalon t'bred ('A', sadly, not 'B', which'll reportedly go 200x12) to 200x10.5 (so about 20% over stock speed - much faster FSB, though). Not overclocking to the point of needing overvoltage, though...
I'm also not running a GPU cooler as I use this box for 2D work and haven't run into a better 2D card than the Matrox Milennium 400/450, which run very cool passively.

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