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 Post subject: i need to quieten my pumps :o
PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:22 pm 
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been awhile since ive posted, but im back, atleast for awhile :wink:

anyways, ive been running two 1250 ehiem pumps with a Y connector for ages :), yeah its overkill, but i have a long system, and i like the redudancy

piccys[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/

these are old pics, but not much has changed. the 2 pumps are mounted on abit of perspex i think, with that non slip rubbery matt stuff you get in el cheapo junk stores :), theres a folded sheet of some deflex stuff under that, a rubbery substance used on expensive audio equipment

during the summer i yoinked some old carpet tiles my parents where going to chuck out and attached them to the res

from this[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/
to this ... cb.jpg?v=0[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/

its also sitting on a couple of layers of carpet, the lid i put some tape round where it sits to give a better seal, and to try and stop any rattly noises.

the res is much better sealed then when i first started :).

the pumps are reasonably soundproofed, but i want more :o

but im not sure what would be effective :( .

my first idea was to fit foam around the inside of the tank, to try and breakup the soundwave?/ripple from the pumps, probably the type of foam where its bumpy. Biggest concern with this appoarch is the foam degrading, and falling apart, and also howto fix it in place, given its going to be in warm circulating water with 10-20% antifreeze, and probably some dye.
maybe using something to seporate the foam from the water would work? like pond liner for example.

second idea is to suspend the pumps somehow, preferably individualy as i could get away with a softer, more absorbant suspension string?, again the matter of what to use that wont degrade (the rubber band in that pic died btw).

third idea is to hang some of that nonslip mat stuff (or similer) into the water to suspend between the pumps and the walls, to disrupt the soundwaves/vibration

forth idea, pack yet more under the pumps and hope that works.

fith idea, add more water in the hopes the added weight will reduce the vibration

i also want to compact the system, but without losing capacity, this is mostly trying to make the radiators take up less space than they do on the trolly thingy im using[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/[email protected]/2 ... 519398411/

id like to make some kind of chimney with the rads (apart from that black one, too big :D), to try and accellorate the air through it, without fans
8) .

im also tempted to try and fill in the gap between the wall and the res, to get some passive cooling from the wall, if i get the res into the corner, it will have contact with the north wall (several feet underground at that corner :)) and the east wall. notsure what i could use to achive that... maybe clay in bags?. also i dont want to weaken the house from warming a corner of it up... :oops:

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:48 am 

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When the pumps are running, can you touch the enclosure they're in and feel vibration?
If so, maybe work on reducing the vibration transmitted from the pumps to the enclosure.
- Get some "gel stuff" pads from Petra's
- Add something non-resonant beneath the pads
- alternatively, suspend the pumps on elastic cords. From looking at your old setup pictures I'd expect the easiest way would to be to build a tray to hold the pumps, and then suspend that.
- Replace the current tubing connected to the pumps with soft silicone (here it'd be mcmaster-carr - in the UK, I dunno).
Raise the mass of any part of the enclosure that's vibrating. I've had very good luck with several layers of the butyl rubber stick-on sound deadening used for cars. Here it'd be elemental designs. There...? It's easiest to see how well this is doing by putting running pumps in direct contact with the the enclosure (no gel pads or mass-ey stuff beneath).
You could also try the obvious - see how well things run on only one of those pumps.

Once you've got transmitted vibration licked, then, yeah, sound absorption (carpet, foam whatever) will kill a bit more noise - but not lots and only the part in the higher frequencies, which, if your pumps are working correctly, they shouldn't be generating much, if any.

Hope this helps. I know I'm being a bit telegraphic, but htat's about what I hve energy for at the moment. Maybe someone else will chime in. Also, there's the search function...

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:23 pm 

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Too loud? You must be kidding. TWO Eheim 1250's, that's enough capacity to fill a swimming pool in a few hours. Both pumps together need 56W, that's more power for cooling alone than a complete low-power PC should consume at idle.

My experience is that if you don't care about one degree more or less CPU temperature, the amount of water flow really doesn't matter. In my system, I have a single Eheim 1048, "undervolted" at 20Hz instead of 50Hz. Result = only about 60 l/h displacement. If I switch the pump to 50Hz, the flow increases 6 times, but my temps drop only by 1°C. Big deal, at least my pump is inaudible. :)

Bottom line, get rid of your overkill pumps. A single Eheim 1048 should be more than adequate for any system.

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