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 Post subject: 8mm silicone tubing, in the UK
PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:15 am 

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In case the following looks too long, as most of it is a summary of the state my case is in at the moment, I'm looking for vibration-resistant silicone tubing, 8mm inner diameter and either 10 or 11 mm outer diameter, with which to isolate a laing ddc 18W.

As an unhappy note, I'm not at all impressed that this forum emailed me my password in plain text. There is no reason to do that. It makes a mockery of using a password in the first place. Given how professional the rest of the site is I am astonished by it doing something that amateur, and feel this would be a wise thing to change.

Hardly a great introduction, but I felt it needed to be said.

Beyond that, hello!
I'm new here, though have been lurking for a while. My usual forum has a no competitors rule which is unfortunate when looking for something they don't sell, and most questions can be answered without starting a thread. I'm doing relatively well at silencing my system, to the extent that my pump is now the loudest component. As this is my first post I should probably say what I've done so far, perhaps someone will notice something missing.

This is still a work in progress, no hardware inside yet as electronics keep on dying on me. Yet to write buildlog, as I'm waiting for components before I can start to assemble things. My post on ocuk []covers a few questions to start with, the last couple of posts have many slightly outdated photos of efforts so far. I've come here hoping for advice in the future, and for a specific question now, as ocuk doesn't care as much about silence as the folks here.

Watercooled single loop cpu & gpu, two 120 and one 240 tfc radiators. Eventually Ill put the chipset under water. Vastly overspecced for my system so that fans can be run slowly, and some turned off while idle. One fan + shroud for the 240 and one 120, the other has two fans + shrouds in push pull but is behind a door, as the most acoustically isolated place I don't mind having two fans on this one.

All but one fan softmounted, the other is a structural part of holding a radiator to the case. This includes the psu fan, which is also shrouded. Psu is an 860W pc power and cooling which is surprisingly quiet. Bitumen gaskets between fans and shrouds and radiators (in the process of cutting these).

Case is the rather heavy akasa eclipse. Side fan mounts blocked, all holes which don't have fans mounted to them are blocked. Case is fairly extensively lined with flashing tape in the interests of lowering resonant frequency, especially of the very large side panels. Side panels will have something placed between their edges and the case itself at some point to fix them more rigidly to the frame. The top will struggle to vibrate, as it is very firmly fixed in place around the edges and by a cross bar in the centre. Since it has a 240 radiator mounted there, it also weighs a lot.

I made a anti-vibration pump bracket a few weeks ago. It does a fairly good job of stopping the pump vibrating, but unfortunately it makes it leak. It also looks distinctly amateur as I made it in a couple of hours on a drill press. I'll probably make a second version soon, but hopefully with silicone tubing I wont need to. Which brings us to my question. Silicon tubing between pump inlet and outlet and the rest of the system is definitely good, and something I wish to do if someone can offer a source for this. I'd like it to be cheap. The rest of the loop is 8/11mm tygon because sometimes kinks just aren't worth it, and this works very well. I've convinced myself that it's inadequate for decoupling pump from the system however.

Beyond this, I would like to drill a hole in the top of my case (should have done this before covering it with two layers of flashing tape really) and mount a fillport there. Its only aluminium, so I'll probably drill an 8mm hole then use a needle file. What I would like to do is suspend the pump, complete with xspc reservoir top, from this fill port. Already determined points of failure are stripping fillport thread, stripping reservoir thread, tearing the top off the reservoir itself. Additionally silicone tubing may snap, I just won't know until I buy some and hang weights off it. Any guesses welcome on that note, I've no idea how strong it is. For this reason I would prefer 8mm inner 11mm outer diameter tubing.

So hello, here's what I've done, and where might I find 8/11mm silicone tubing in the UK.


p.s. apparently I cant post images yet, and I've had to somewhat butcher the link to my thread on ocuk. So the post is text only, sorry guys.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:45 am 

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I don't know where to buy it in UK. But in Finland I found it on "industrial" plastic supply store. It was much cheaper there than anywhere else. And mine 10mm inner diameter and 1.5 mm wall thickness was really strong.

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