cfm vs dba (edited)
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Author:  nowayjose [ Tue Aug 17, 2004 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  cfm vs dba (edited)

i would like to duct my cpu fan (currently a thermaltake smart fan 2 case fan) to the side window of my case. I'm wondering which have the best cfm/dba ratio.
1 vantec tornado w/ fan controller
2 vantec tornados w/ fan controller
2 quieter fans like the thermaltake silent cat 2 or a Panaflo or zalman w/ a fan controller if needed

any other good combo suggestions are very welcome... im looking to keep my cpu (2700xp) to under 50C @ full load. the thermaltake smart fan 2, at a little over half speed (loud enough for me), can barely keep it under 60C @ load. my current idle temps are around 50C. oh and i have the thermaltake pipe101 heatsink w/ as5. thanks for any suggestions.

EDIT: copied over to cpu forum as i think this question is more focused on cpu cooling.

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