Matching a PSU to an Antec P150/Solo
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Author:  freeslkr [ Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Matching a PSU to an Antec P150/Solo

I have an Antec P150 case (which I believe is the same as the Solo) in which I'm installing new components. The PSU seems to be failing, so I need to replace that as well. I'm wondering if any of the kind folks here might recommend a quiet, quality PSU that will work well in the case.

For cooling, I've been using a Hyper 212 Plus and a 120mm exhaust fan (Nexus Real Silent), but no front-mounted intake fans.

The new components are a Core-i5/Haswell, an Asus Gryphon Z87, and 2x4GB RAM. I also have an SSD, two WD Caviar Blues, and an optical drive. I do little gaming, so my plan is to use the new Intel on-board graphics. If that proves unsatisfactory, I'll add a low-end discrete AMD graphics card.

I have in my possession a newish Seasonic SS-400FL2 (fanless), but my worry is that it's not a good match for the P150 because the case doesn't have a top vent for it. Advice about this seems mixed at best. Maybe someone has advice to change the fan set-up to make this a reasonable choice. I'm also wondering if the low power draw of my system means that it won't be a problem.

PSUs with top-mounted fans don't seem like a much better solution (but maybe I'm wrong). And mounting them upside-down would seem to lead to interference with the exhaust air-flow.

Thank you to all willing to help!

Author:  mkk [ Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Matching a PSU to an Antec P150/Solo

That high quality fanless power supply will be doing fine even in that position, thanks to the fact that this will be a very low power build.
Just keep it in mind, if at any time down the road that system gets a 150W gaming graphics card installed. ;)

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