P180 front door replacement.
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Author:  Salameh [ Wed Sep 13, 2006 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  P180 front door replacement.

I've had this case since the start of this year. Front door warp had gotten worse over time. I finally decided to get a replacement.

I started by emailing Altech (Australian Antec distro) and asked if they can post it out to me. They refused, so I went to Antec support. They got me into contact with a supervisor and after providing a serial number they sent it out to me and I received it next day, well packaged. Very pleased there.

New door looks hot. Sturdy as hell. But when I put it on I noticed the middle of the door stuck out from the case. It seemed like the new door was kind of incompatible with my older version p180, so to speak. Pics:


Anyone been in a similar situation? I emailed the Altech rep back and he can see what I'm on about just needs to get back to me. It was a bother going out to their Sydney branch which is why I asked for it to be posted. If they are willing to just swap the case for the new revision I'd probably make the drive. I doubt that will happen though.

Author:  bsdie [ Wed Sep 13, 2006 7:37 am ]
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When I recieved my Antec 180 SPCR the front door was warped as well. But since it was brand new I didnt want to send it in. Instead I superglued the magnets that had fallen out. And I noticed that one of them, that was on the back, didnt make proper contact with the warped door. I took a black, flat screw and drilled a small hole, then insterted it. Its not noticable and it door shuts well now. For the warping I took our the metal part of the door and bent it back into shape.

Havent had any problems since then.

Author:  Salameh [ Wed Sep 13, 2006 7:46 am ]
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That is not the problem I have :roll:

New P180 door (with extra magnets) on old p180 case. It isn't warping, but the middle sticks out.

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