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 Post subject: Anyone know Neweggs official rma policy if contents missing?
PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:09 pm 

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Had a rare bad experience with Newegg on Friday. I got cheap and sent two rma's, the first rma's I have sent to Newegg in a single flat rate United State Post Office Priority Mail package.

The long and short of it is Customer Service alerted me that the second part in the package was MIA.

I was concerned, I had not purchased insurance. So.. I asked if they could double check.. with rma department in same building.. C/S guy for Newegg said he could, but it would be via email and it could take a while..

He got back to me later and told me.. they only received the one package with only one item.. and that memory I bought was missing.

I asserted I had sent the memory and asked what would happen to my replacement. I was told his Supervisor, a guy named Eric had told him that risk of loss was mine, that he was sorry to tell me that I would get nothing.. that risk of loss was mine.

I was also told to contact my carrier.

I ended up going around town.. calling police station, filing report with Postal Inspector, etc..

Finally, got email.. rma department received package with memory in it..'

but... no confirmation of memory being inside package..

More fretting, etc.. finally.. assuming I had lost $300 on deal and had had bad day, I made one more e-mail to newegg at end of day and got one back later.. stating that Newegg had the memory.. so no loss.. but..

Does anyone know what Neweggs policy is if they misplace or lose the contents of your rma package. I was very much offended by how I was treated and shocked that they would expect me to bear the loss.

My solution is.. insure any contents if you rma em.. anywhere because.. this really stressed me out on friday..

Newegg has an excellent reputation.. have they changed policy or something? If so.. not sure it is a good change to not believe customer and treat this way.


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:57 pm 

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That's pretty standard, to be honest- think about what would happen if a package went missing on its way to you? Newegg wouldn't expect you to pay for it, they'd cover the loss themselves (either out of pocket or through insurance).
Never in a million years will a company give a refund/replacement for a product that (as far as they know) you're still using! :roll:
At least they told you that it hadn't arrived- a number of companies just forget about it altogether, don't pay until it arrives, and never tell you that it hasn't.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 8:47 am 

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Exactly... I wouldn't expect them to act any differently, actually.

While you took offence at how you were treated, they most likely did not intend any. There are always the minority of less-scrupulous people who will try anything to rip a retailer off. And being unable to distinguish that small minority from everyone else, they just have to cover their butts.

PS: as you've found out, that's what insurance is for. It isn't fair for a retailer to cover postage loss if you haven't coughed up for insurance.

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 Post subject: Never an argument that Newegg received the package
PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 3:14 pm 

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If you sent me a package.. and I signed for it.. and then.. poof I tell you i can't find the contents.. when does the risk of loss pass under the UCC?

No way risk of loss remains with the sender after package is delivered and signed for is my take.. especially in regards to a consumer sending to a merchant.

If you go to newegg's site.. no discussion of risk of loss.

So.. when should risk of loss transfer from one party to the other, and considering newegg received the package.. and no argument on this one were they therefore correct when contents were not found initially to blame me or the carrier and attempt to place risk of loss with me the customer?

Perplexed.. law does not go that way.

 Post subject: Re: Never an argument that Newegg received the package
PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 4:28 pm 

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thegoldenstrand wrote:
If you sent me a package.. and I signed for it.. and then..

You open it up and find a brick inside. You'd be pretty angry with me, non?

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