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 Post subject: Thermalright SI-128 SE bottom screws for P4 LGA 775
PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:16 pm 

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While looking how to cool P4 better, I was choosed this nice heatsink:


However it is a bit old, so I had to take a secondhad one. While the user claims that he used it for P4 to cool, then I did not expected any problems with missing parts.
I was wrong. Somewhere in the translation get missing the holding bottom screws for the backplate. These in the red rectangle, the "tyhle mi chybí" words means "I missing these":


As sign of irony, I got these screws that I did not need - for the other (AMD and such) supported sockets mounts... But these for P4 LGA 775 are gone and they are not so easy to replace and also they are not exchangable for the "AMD" ones, as they are smaller and for a good reason...

So out of curiosity I asking, if anyone have these, perhaps as leftover after using this great cooler or not. I live in EU, but could provide a US address too, if anyone will be so kind to sell or donate them to me :)

Thermalright is not making P4 coolers anymore - their support told me this:
The SI-128 SE is EOL since 4 or 5 years ;-) After SI-128 we had the AXP-140, and the newest version are the Thermalrigth AXP-100 and the AXP-200.

The problem is, we did not have anymore accessories for that cooler, because it is a very very old cooler and the newst cooler did not support Pentium 4 motherboards. They all have other mounting kits wich are incompatible to the SI 128 SE.

...and they will look for them, but the chance is minimal, so... who can wonder, after the years, right?

So, anyone have any idea, where to get them, so I did not do some ghetto mod to fix the heatink in place? :oops:

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 Post subject: Re: Thermalright SI-128 SE bottom screws for P4 LGA 775
PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:30 pm 

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My local hardware dealer here in the UK is still selling the Thermalright SI-128. Obviously it is an older cooler and for this reason the Thermalright Venomous Backplate (bolt-thru) kit is supplied with it. There is no mention by Thermalright of this fitting the SI-128. However the same supplier has the 775 bolt-thru kit rev 2 in stock and this fits the IFX-14. From what I remember the original fittings for the SI-128 and IFX-14 were similar (apart from the IFX-14's additional heat pipes fitted to the backplate). So it looks like you could use either the Thermalright Venomous Bolt-thru Mounting kit VX BTK II (which is more expensive but covers 775 and all current mounts) or just the 775 bolt-thru kit rev. 2 (about half the price of the VX BTK II).

These are some European sources for the VX BTK II.

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