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Author:  nerotek [ Sat Sep 07, 2002 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  turn-on power supply...

this may be a dumb question, but i gonna ask anyways... is there a way to turn on the power supply without it connecting to computer mb... asking, since it would be nice to test the fans and power supply seperately from computer...

Author:  Rusty075 [ Sat Sep 07, 2002 10:15 pm ]
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There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.

But seriously, yes, you can, but you need one of these.....

Atx Power Supply Tester

Author:  nerotek [ Sat Sep 07, 2002 11:23 pm ]
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thx Rusty075... too bad the atx power supply tester is quite steep for my pockets... $16...

btw this is unrelated to power supply, but it's another questionable question, can i use a hair dryer to shrink a heat shrink tube, or do i need a heat gun? else i can get some 'Liquid Electrical Tape' (Model: #84106B
SKU: #241727) from www.homedepot.com...

Author:  Rusty075 [ Sat Sep 07, 2002 11:34 pm ]
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You know, I honestly don't know if a hairdryer will get hot enough to shrink the tubing or not. It'll depend on both the hairdryer and the size and type of tube you're using.

But here's an easy, and cheap, solution: Just use a cigarette lighter to shrink the tubing. I done it plenty of times when I didn't have heat gun handy. Just practice with some scrap wire first, if you get it too hot you can melt or burn the insulation on the wire. A couple of quick passes through the flame will usually be enough to shrink it up nicely.

Author:  nerotek [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:35 am ]
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thx again Rusty075! now i got a very good excuse to drive more often... :)

Author:  nerotek [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 2:05 am ]
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i just read http://www.silentpcreview.com/modules.p ... =14&page=2

mike c. how did u set up the jumper for the power supply to turn on mb-free? thx...

Author:  ChiefWeasel [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 2:34 am ]
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Its quite easy to turn the PSU on without a mobo - all you need to do is find the green wire in the ATX connector, and use a bit of wire to connect this to one of the black ground wires (should be 6 of them). Couple links for you too, that go into a bit more detail and have pics, disclaimers etc...

http://www.hardforums.com/showthread.ph ... did=308360

(scroll about half way down the page to the 'P' section)

http://www.twistedmods.com/modules.php? ... &artid=132

(This shows you how to permanently mod your PSU, but it shows the general idea.)

Author:  nerotek [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:06 pm ]
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thx ChiefWeasel for the info... since it's dangerous, i'll think hard before doing...

Author:  TerryW [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:19 pm ]
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I would like to add to CHIEFWESEL's comment: You look for a coloured wire (most always GREEN, but can be GREY) and with a black wire on each side of the coloured wire. This will be pin 14 and will be on the latch side of the connector.

Install a small jumper wire (or paper clip) between the coloured wire and one of the black wires. Provided the PSU switch is on, the unit will come to life. If you remove the jumper, the PSU will shut off.

I have tested lots of PSU without providing a suitable load. When I use the jumper, I use a multi-meter and check the voltages. If they are within tolerance, I would determine the PSU is okay for use.

For those of you who want to know the pin-out on the ATX power connector, go to:

www.ecsusa.com/ecsusa/www.ecs.com.tw/su ... tx_pin.htm

As for heatshrink insulation; I doubt a hairdryer will do it. I have a heat gun. I know a cigarette lighter or a butane lighter (open flame) has neough heat.

Good luck :D

Author:  ChiefWeasel [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 3:09 pm ]
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TerryW wrote:
I have tested lots of PSU without providing a suitable load. When I use the jumper, I use a multi-meter and check the voltages. If they are within tolerance, I would determine the PSU is okay for use.

Yeah, i have read in a couple of places that some PSUs will need a load (think it was on the 5V line), but havent experienced this myself. Just thought it was worth mentioning if you werent having luck getting yours to work.

Author:  TerryW [ Sun Sep 08, 2002 5:26 pm ]
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Now don't get me wrong, but there could be times when loading is required. I.E. Testing a suspect PSU, to check current capacities, etc. I suggested to MikeC that a loading resistor @ rated current for each of the supplies would be low-resistance & hi-wattage, would be very large & very expensive.

Sometime ago, I did build a small loading resistor bank for the older AT-style @ 1/3-current capacity for the +5/+12, -5/-12. This unit is large and generates a lot of heat (boy are those fans noisy).

In other news, I found a site that provides the design requirements for the ATX-style equipment:


Kinda dry reading. Check out section 4: Power Delivery (PSU). Very interesting for a techy (like me).

Keep up the writing and thanks for the link to www.hardforums.com. Another site I found for forums is www.hardwareanalysis.com. Very interesting reading.

Enough! Time for dinner.


Author:  ChiefWeasel [ Mon Sep 09, 2002 2:17 am ]
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what i meant was i was agreeing with you :roll: ;)

Ie you said youve tested a lot without having to provide a load, and i thought you were implying that some might need a load - i just thought id mention it explicitly for nerotek's sake that its possible he might need a load on his for it to switch on :wink:

It shouldnt be at all dangerous as long as you get the right wires nerotek - all your doing is simulating a motherboards presence on the end of the ATX connector.

Author:  nerotek [ Mon Sep 09, 2002 11:55 am ]
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thx everyone for the updates... can't wait for my seasonic 300W to come in... it's the passive one... i'm cheap :) i got a feeling i will mod the ps with a panaflo like everyone here recommended too :) probably cut the back and put a proper fan grill there also...

Author:  quokked [ Sun Sep 15, 2002 6:37 pm ]
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Green wire to black wire I use a paper clip to do it all the time and I seem to be still alive, I think :roll:

Author:  hyum [ Sun Sep 15, 2002 11:14 pm ]
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i agree.

the paper clip trip is a very easy non-permanent way to turn on your supply. if the supply doesn't turn on, then it may require a load as i've run into this with supplies before. another quick way around this is to plug in a drive lying around (HDD, CDROM, anything) on one of the 4-pin power connectors.

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