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 Post subject: aargh the heat of summer
PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2003 4:32 pm 

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i had case temps of 23 degrees celcius with my enermax psu fan at 1500 rpm practically silent ... in january!!!
now the ambient temperatures are rising and my case temp is at 30 degrees celcius and my psu fan 2500 rpm full speed :( and it isn't even summer yet :x
i need is a silent psu that keeps silent even under higher temps during summer

some background info on my system, i will list only the noise sources and main heat sources
lianli pc60 casing (the older model without chimney fan)
3 case fans, 2 intake at 5v i asume (lianli casing set at lowest speed) and one exhaust at 12v
pentium 3 700mhz with swiftech mcx370 and fan at 2500 rpm (it's still inaudible against the psu)
(temps are stable at 46 deg C up till now, don't know how it will react to even higher case temps)
(temps are under load, i am crunching for ud agent but will switch to folding anytime now)
2 hds that are screaming and whinning but will be replaced by seagate barracuda 7200.7 soon

enermax eg365r-ve 350 watt, modded the thermistor away from the coil and sealed the back vents (the hot air was coming back in the case even with both fans on).

before i sealed the back vents i noticed that the top part of my case was quite hot compared to lower part of case. but sealing the vents didn't do much to my case temps, maybe it lowered 1 deg c at max. i think it was because the psu was recycling its own hot air but the hot air was staying at the top part of the case so it didn't got to the processor or mainboard. if it did help it helped keeping the rpm low by keeping the thermistor cool, but that i also didn't really notice.

i have disconected the 80mm fan but it isn't helping, the 92mm fan still spins up to full speed. only the 80mm has an rpm cable so i can't monitor fan speed now but it is just as loud as with both fans on.

i have examined the inards of the enermax, and i think that there is a dead airflow area where the thermistor is. ... d=9&page=2
if you check the pictures in this article. the one with a ruler behind the thermistor. the 92mm fan is pushing air in between the two heatsinks and then the 80mm fan is sucking the air out from between the two heatsinks. so the hot air around the thermistor is stuck there. at least i think it goes that way. haven't done any tests, wouldn't know how to do it anyway :)

the air coming out from the psu is barely warm. i think that the thermistor is reporting high temps but the fans can't remove the hot air from the deadspot. so the fans spin up but the hot air is staying around the thermistor area while the fans are blowing cool air around cooled heatsinks.

my options are to mod the enermax further (i can replace the fans they are still the original fans) or buy a new really silent psu. note i have neither tools nor the experience to do hardcore mods like ripping holes in the casing, but i can replace fans, at least i hope i can :)

i was considering the 120mm fortron but i have read mixed results here in the forums (being loud etc). and i can't find those here in germany anyway. anyone knows under what name they are sold in germany? if at all

wee long post thanks for reading this far if you did hehehe :)


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2003 5:49 pm 

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The Fortron power supplies are sold under the names SPI, Sparkle, AOpen, and FSP amongst others. Good luck finding them.

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