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 Post subject: 140mm's and the FD R4, NoiseBlocker, More Rambling
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:03 pm 

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New here :) So i'll just start with some hardware...

Case- Fractal Define R4
GPU- Nvidia GTS 450 (Not a gaming build. Don't judge :P)
Case Fans- 1 Noctua NF-F12, 1 Thermalright TY-147, 2 Fractal R2's, 1 NB BlackSilentPro PK-2, 1 Corsair AF140

I originally planned on placing the TY-147 as rear exhaust, the NF-F12 on the CPU heatsink, the R2's as front intakes, and then testing the PK-2 and AF140 before deciding which one to place as top exhaust and side intake. However, this is where it gets tricky... So, the PK-2 arrived the other day, and right out of the box I noticed an odd noise when gently spinning the blades. It was a sort of scratchy rustle. That didn't dampen my spirits, though, as I had yet to find a negative review of the BlackSilentPro line, so I attached it to the R4's fan controller and booted up. The resulting sound was not too impressive. I'd say that, while at 12v, the R2's don't do so well and they made more noise, but at 7v the PK-2 made noticeably more of a motor whir than I was hoping for, so it wasn't very suitable for either the top or side. However, it was tolerable (not quite "quiet") when mounted as a front intake and with the case door closed. But onto that rustle...

Please forgive me for the upcoming lack of terminology :P. After some slightly deeper investigation, I found that when the hub (my name for the circular part that all the blades attach to) is moved slightly up or down, the rustling noise is produced. I tried the R2's, and the allow for similar movement, but they produce a much more subtle noise. The PK-2 somewhat frequently "rustles" while it is spinning, especially when it is mounted horizontally, so it seems that the "hub" is moving up and down while the fan is spinning.

But that is just my insight, coming from someone who's learning all this as he goer along :roll:... so what do you think? Do you own a BlackSilentPro and have any opinions on it? I will probably contact Black Noise or my supplier to see about a replacement (they are supposed to have a 6-year warranty, correct?) unless I'm told it's a futil attempt.

Alright, new topic. I've noticed that a fan mounted on the side panel of the R4 generates much more of a motor hum than when mounted elsewhere. I've only tried with the R2's and PK-2, but the effects are consistent. Is the side panel causing so much air blockage as to make the fan noisier? I guess I would need a fan with a greater static pressure? If I'm going to purchase something I'd like to to be sooner than later, but unfortunately I had to RMA the first AF140 and I haven't received the new one yet, so I'm not sure if it will perform well on the side panel (and I really hope it doesn't have horizontal issues :P). And if I do purchase one fan, I might consider one or two others... I am overall pleased with the R2's, but I feel like they're too noisy and slightly "clicky" at 12v for the moderate amount of air they push.

SOooooo, I don't know what to do now :P I guess ultimately I will end up replacing or refunding/selling the PK-2 (in which case I'll buy a different fan), and either being somewhat content with my system, or buying a pair of fans to replace the R2's and maybe be happier but always know that I have 2 fairly nice fans just collecting dust. Advice?

SOOooo, TL;DR :P
-Quiet 140mm fan you have side-mounted? (preferably on an R4 or similar)
-Possible replacements for two front intake Fractal R2's?
-Opinions on the PK-2.

 Post subject: Re: 140mm's and the FD R4, NoiseBlocker, More Rambling
PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:18 pm 

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I have the same case, Define R4. I have a NF-F12 mounted as a case fan on the bottom intake. 3 Corsair AF140's round out the rest of the intakes, two in the front and one on the side. Never had any problem with my AF140s in any slot, excellent air pushers.

Also FYI I have a NZXT Kraken x40 AIO mounted for my GPU with an Akasa 140 viper...kinda loud but has high SP at low rpm. I'd replace with an NF-F14 if/when it comes out.

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