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 Post subject: Belkin Conserve
PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:04 am 

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Just read the blurb on Engadget. I must say, the Insight with the display being separate from the base, this is looking to be a much more convenient alternative to the Kill-A-Watt. Of course, it would've been nicer if they had allowed interfacing with a computer for extended monitoring/trending.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:19 pm 

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Cool -- here's the link:

Does it do Power Factor and Volt/Amps (VA)? It does not seem to do kWh...

There is also a Ryobi unit sold at Home Depot -- the plug is offset far enough to *not* cover the other plug in the duplex; but I do not know what data it can measure.

Sincerely, Neil

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:59 am 

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On the same page I notice they have a bunch of surge protectors that are supposed to save power by turning off other devices when a master device is off, or give you a wireless remote control for the surge strip. These might be convenient devices, but "greenness" is questionable at best.

In either case, the surge strip will be using power when it is supposedly off. (Power to listen for the wireless signal, power to run the TV or computer in standby).
The makers of any such device that makes "green" claims should be up front about the standby power that their own device uses. (Belkin doesn't mention this in their advert.)

I also think that the makers of energy saving power strips or power measuring devices the Kill-A-Watt or the Conserve Insite should be upfront about the resources and power involved in making the device. (i.e. how much energy do you have to save in order to offset the energy embeded in making, shipping, marketing and ultimately disposing of the gizmo).

APC used to make a surge protector that had the switch on a cord, so you could have the cables hidden away someplace, but still control it easily.
Even a simple change, like putting the switch on the other end (the end away from the cable) would make surge protectors easier to use in many situations. (So you just have to reach the end of the strip, rather than in the middle among all the cords.) Sure, it is cheaper to put the switch where the cord comes in, but it would provide a way to differentiate one's product -- by actually thinking about how people use these things and providing an easier to use option. They could market it as green - even greener than these things with their batteries and their standby current, etc.

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