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 Post subject: Massive Silentmaxx TwinBlock Cools 100 Watt CPUs without a f
PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:45 pm 

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Silentmaxx promises to cool CPUs with a power consumption of up to 100 watts - without the need of fans.
135mm high isn't too bad "Dimensions (mm) 210 (B) x135 (D) x160 (H)"
"The Twin Block is suitable for passive cooling of all the CPU with a power dissipation of about 100 watts." ... 16407.html ... block.html

Take that Scythe Orochi ... 6835185064 ... etail.html

This was just announced, but appears as if it has been around a while:

rkay wrote:
Hi guys!

This is my first post here and I thought you might be interested in the project I have just finished.

My previous PC was completely fanless and water-cooled. So far so good, but since I don’t need a gaming PC I wanted to build something really puristic without all the annoying water cooling equipment.

The initial idea came by reading the i5-670 CPU review here and I really liked the integrated GPU concept because you can get rid of a graphic card.

No graphic card means much less power consumption, heat and noise (in the case of an actively cooled card).

So I built everything around an i5-660 CPU (TDP 73W only, i.e. 10W less than an i5-670).

No fans also meant that all components would have to be exposed to as much fresh air as possible. So I thought a (Mini-ITX) test bench would work much better than any PC case (=> Lian Li PC-Q06, with custom water jet cut side panels to get some air to the PSU).

The passive PSU I have used is the Seasonic X-400FL (again due to the positive review here).

Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3, equipped with a Zalman ZM-NB32K chipset cooler being the only one that fits under the CPU heatsink (the original cooler did not look very effective to me…).

CPU heatsink: In a passive set-up you need to get enough air through the heatsink fins, i.e. you have to choose one with as much space between the fins as possible. The best and largest one I have found was the silentmaxx TwinBlock.

This No Moving Parts system reaches the following equilibrium temperatures (i.e. no temp change even if you wait forever) after about 45 minutes at a room temperature of 23C with Prime95 running on all four cores and with an 1080p HD video running at the same time:

CPU cores / CPU sensor / chipset: 68C / 58C / 60C

The equilibrium temps under normal conditions (watching movies, internet etc.) at 23C room temperature:

CPU cores / CPU sensor / chipset: 38C / 27C / 48C

Here are some pics:




A gallery with larger pics can be found here: ... FanlessPC/

So, whatcha think? :)


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 Post subject: Re: Massive Silentmaxx TwinBlock Cools 100 Watt CPUs without
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:56 am 

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There are some reviews for the Silentmaxx BigBlock. This one is smaller than the TwinBlock and designed for 70W TDP CPUs:

It appears to be a disappointing product overall. Peformance within the intended parameters look to be pretty decent, but the cooler is so large it might be expected to do better overall. So, only recommended for those who want to cool low TDP CPUs and are able to accomdate the size.

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