Luxa2 LM100 Mini: "Exquisite & Desirable" m-ITX HTPC Case

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Luxa2 LM100 Mini

August 24, 2009 by Lawrence Lee

Luxa2 LM100 Mini
Market Price

SPCR continues with our exploration of new mini-ITX cases coming to this growing market. Recently, we've examined several affordable models, the Antec ISK 300-65 and the Silverstone SG05 and SG06. Now comes a high end model with a price tag to match, by a new brand called Luxa2.

Thermaltake is a large brand offering various computer components including power supplies, hard drive enclosures, as well as cases and cooling supplies. However, its large market share and extensive catalogue dilutes the brand power in the high-end market. The company sells many affordable generic PC commodities, so when enthusiasts with deep pockets break out their wallets, Thermaltake is not one of the premium brands that catches their attention.

The LM100 comes in a fairly plain white box with brown ascents.

With that in mind, Thermaltake launched the Luxa2 division earlier this year, as a separate entity offering only premium, high-quality products. The bulk of Luxa2 offerings are slick home theater PC cases, all with VFDs, some with touch screen technology. The LM100 Mini is the smallest of the bunch, a mini-ITX case designed for multimedia applications. For a high-end HTPC, the less the case resembles a cheap beige box, the better; the LM100 certainly fits the bill. Luxa2's slogan for the LM100 Mini is "exquisite and desirable" — this phrase may elicit a smirk, but the meaning is clear. It's as sexy a case as we've come across.

The Luxa2 LM100 Mini.

The LM100 is simply gorgeous. It's a low profile Shuttle-like enclosure with a sturdy aluminum body, smooth at the sides and brush textured at the top. The case features a small LCD display on the front panel and a remote control. The overall dimensions are approximately 5" x 9.5" x 12", giving it a bigger footprint (about one inch on both sides) than the recently reviewed Sugo SG05/06. Its height is shorter by 2".

The comparisons in this review to the Silverstone cases are natural because of the similar intended purposes of the cases (and the fact that the reviews are posted back to back), but from a visual appeal point of view, there isn't much comparison. The LM100 is a clearly high end product against which the SG05/06 look and feel downright crude. There is also a 2.5~3 times price difference.

Accessories. The case ships with a remote control, a slim SATA optical drive adapter, an Allen wrench, and a cloth, presumably for wiping down the LCD.

Luxa2 LM100 Mini: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Product Name LM100 Mini
P/N LVA12062N1E LVA12062N1U
Case Type Home Theater Media PC
Media Kits Media LAB
Dimension Height: 125mm (4.92 inches) / foot stand included: 126mm (4.96 inches)
Width: 242mm (9.53 inches)
Depth: 305.7mm (12.04 inches)
Weight 4.35kg / 9.59 lbs.
Cooling System Rear Dual 50 x 50 x 25 mm/ 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.39 inches, silent fan, 4000rpm, 28dBA
Drive Bays -Accessible 1 x Slim type ODD
-Hidden 1 x 3.5" HDD
Material Aluminum extrusion
Color Front Panel: Black / Body : Silver
Front I/O USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE 1394 Firewire, HD-Audio
Expansion Slots 1
Motherboards Mini ITX
PSU 200W Flex ATX

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