News for 2011-01-13

Internet News

Displayport adapters add new convenience and extend capabilities. Justin West at Legit Reviews has a short 2 page piece showing clearly that displayport will bring good things.

TGDaily discusses ARM devices owning CES 2011 and how AMD has to react to that. Small devices like Cell Phones/Tablets are clearly taking off. Meanwhile analyst Mark LaPedus on EETimes says Intel missed mobile boat ''We expect PC unit growth to decline from 12 percent to 5 percent over the next several years as tablets gain momentum."

Tablets will change the computer industry. Content Insider - Tablets discusses Media Tablets vs. Tablet PCs vs. Mini-Notebooks vs Notebooks. Covering IDC projections out to 2014, OS share, number of vendors, and other aspects that will govern how the mobile computing market will change.

Rising tablet usage could hurt DRAM consumption reports DigiTimes, which dovetails with recent news that OCZ will exit the DRAM market. Expectations are that DDR3 prices will remain stable in first half of 2011 as manufacturers won't be able to afford to cut prices below cost of manufacturing.

Bulldozer (AMDs soon to be fastest desktop and server CPU core) has been discussed for a long time in the tech circles. 2011 looks to be the year it finally sees light of day and today all the talk is about a statement from which apparently equates to: "AMD gave out performance figures in a presentation to its partners. It is reported that an 8-core processor based on the "Bulldozer" high-performance CPU architecture is pitched by its makers to have 50% higher performance than existing processors such as the Core i7 950 (4 cores, 8 threads), and Phenom II X6 1100T (6 cores). Taking this information into account, the said Bulldozer based processor should synthetically even outperform Core i7 980X six-core, Intel's fastest desktop processor in the market. The processor is backed by new 9-series core logic, and a new AM3+ socket. AMD is expected to unveil this platform a little later this year."

Asus Prepares Triple Slot Graphics Card. With 3 slot covers and dual 100mm fans it looks like triple slot solutions just got a little more mainstream in the fight to quiet down hot video cards.

Tom's Hardware does a Video Card pricing comparison on a regular basis. The 2011 January edition was recently released. This can be helpful to start a search by what you need a card to do before you go off to figure out how much more it'll cost to buy one that is silent.

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