News for 2011-01-14

Internet News

RBE v1.27 is available now

Waterproof & Shotgun proof drive enclosure by ioSafe (sold with HD or SSD inside)

Hardware Canucks takes another look at the Seagate Momentus XT (reviewed by SPCR in 2010)

Acer ICONIA Touchbook might make you look twice. Two screens and no keyboard makes for a different experience.

BeHardware looks at TRIM support with Marvell and AMD drivers(Remember to update your drivers if you want the best performance)

WSGF - WideScreen Gaming Forum give their thoughts on CES 2011. Think 21:9 "ultrawide" 2560x1080 HDTV by Vizio

PCWorld reports Windows on the verge of dropping below 90% market share

Did you know water and bubble wrap is all you need to cheaply easily insulate your windows in a cold climate? It also acts as sound insulation if you are in a noisy neighborhood. Flat hard glass trasmits sound pretty well, round soft plastic absorbs some of that sound. You can leave it up year round if you don't mind the loss of visibility.

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