News for 2011-01-18

Internet News

* Xbitlabs 120 mm Fan Roundup <1350 RPM and discussion on SPCR

* Two Future of Cell Phone videos worth watching

* Antec Case Lineup gets refreshed. Still no updates for the NSK series or the Solo.
    - P183 V3 - USB3 on front and other changes
    - Nine Hundred Two V3 - USB3 on front and other changes
    - Sonata IV - USB3 on front and other changes
P193 V3 - USB3 on front and other changes
- One Hundred - USB2 on front, No reset button or sound damping, the cheapest large case Antec makes (Quality Control lottery), could be a low budget option with good airflow to modify to your liking. A little self adhesive vinyl floor tile might be the cheap way damp the panels.

* HP showing flexible display prototype

* DigiTimes: Tablet PC demand may cause notebook panel prices to rise in 2Q11 and rush to produce tablet PCs may cause component shortages.

* OSF Mount allows mounting disc images as RAM drives and other useful tricks

* PowerStrip 3.89 Build 672 Final at Major Geeks or EnTech Taiwan

* TechSpot on the most anticipated games of 2011

* NVIDIA GeForce 266.58 WHQL Driver Suite Released - notes at TechPowerUp download at Nvidia

* 2TB Seagate Barracuda LP Green Drive ST2000DL003-9VT166 reviewed

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